End of lifetime tenure?

The headline of this article focus on the inclusion of MCAS results in the evaluation proposed by the MTA today.  However, the piece I found most interesting (and encouraging) relates to the ability to remove poor performing teachers WITH PROFESSIONAL STATUS:

(Teachers) that do poorly would be put on a one-year improvement plan and be dismissed if they fail to improve. (Teachers with less than three years on the job could be dismissed without a one-year plan.)

The ability to remove poor teachers once they have gained professional status will create more accountabiltiy throughout one’s career. It will also ease the pressure of a teacher’s 3rd year, for both them and the administrators.  Currently, agreeing to keep a teacher after 3 years is a lifetime appointment.

Giving up tenure is a huge step for a union…one must wonder what is being asked for in return.  Devil is always in the details…


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