Don’t ask, Don’t tell is repealed………..

This is so great.  It's just what radical Islamists needed to demonize our troops a little further.  No doubt they will tell their comrades that all the men in the United States military are running around their tents in chiffon night robes and smooching each other's pickles.

That aside, it is also nice to know that we now make military decisions based on the paid support of GLBT special interest groups. 

How soon before the GLBT soldiers demand their own special sleeping arrangements, uniforms, bathrooms and designations.  They will demand that GLBT soldiers be promoted at the same rate that straight soldiers are.  Every time a GLBT soldier is kiiled it will now be because of a hate crime and not accidental friendly fire. 

Our military has just been irrevocably destroyed.  I always knew the enemy within was worse than the enemy without….

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