Cliff Blake for MASSGOP Chair.

According to some, we need a drastic shift in direction. Rather than figure out what went wrong, we need to blow it all up and start over.

We need a bloodhound. Someone that can spot a RHINO from a mile away. Cliff will cleanse the state Republican Party of any moderates or liberals, reduce party membership levels in the state to 4-6% of registered voters, and rebuild the party from there.

Clearly the way to win elections is to reduce party membership in half. All Republican candidates would then have to take a genetics test to confirm that they are at lest 3 generations removed from a Democrat ancestor.

But, we will have our principles! And we can have a new face, representing the Republican brand in Massachusetts.…  

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  • cfblake2

    it would be a party that stuck to its core values and followed the by laws of the GOP. We would win alot more seats then the pathetic showing the State Gop did durring the last election.

    Semper – FI

  • Republican Ram Rod Radio

    Other than Jefferson Nix being completely full of shit …

    I noticed that even if cfblake2 did reduce membership in the MA GOP he would basically be following the Jenn Nassour trend of losing members (see Bay Windows Interview).  So technically speaking cfblake2 would be better at his worst than Jenn Nassour is at her best.  

    And for all the “Jenn Nassour Sucks” people out there …. If you are having any doubts about giving Nassour and  her groupies a second chance, consider this . . .

    But, we will have our principles!

    He meant that as a joke guys.  He’s laughing, he’s laughing at your principles.  That’s your enemy right there.  The soft, sellout RINOs that circle the wagons around Nassour can’t even begin to understand what it mean to take a principled stand on anything.  


  • cfblake2

    If you agree with Ronald Reagan – Then be mad as hell at our party leaders who failed us and let this liberal bunch have anouther chance of tearing away our values and freedoms. CFB

    I would have made sure to put most of the party money to the Legislative republican candidates to take back beacon hill. Nassour and gang have failed us in sending a giant signal to Washington from our state party by playing it so we had a GOP landslide here in our state, I know we could have achieved that if we had the right leaders in our party and not the party Hacks and Rino’s. The party does not have the committed people to push the true conservative standards and show that those principles are the only way to put our state and nation back on track. Next time you are upset about some Deval Patrick think of Jen Nassour and crew – next time your upset with the liberal Barny Frank .think of Jen Nassour and crew. Next time your upset with the Communist Rep James McGovern – remember why he is still there in office – Jen Nassour and Crew.

    God Bless our State


  • cfblake2

    “Remember this on Election Day next year. Let’s vote out of office all the tax-and-spenders who do not have a clue about fiscal responsibility. Our selectmen who are up for re-election … “vote them out.” Our state reps. who are up for re-election … “vote them out.” Our governor who is up for re-election … “vote him out.”

    “But let’s not replace these people with the “same old same-old.” Let’s put in true fiscal conservatives that can turn this mess around before its too late.”