Cape & Islands State Senator (Elect) Dan Wolf’s Company Owes the IRS $613K.

There seems there is a trend among Democrats on not paying taxes. First we see and hear about members of the Obama administration not paying their taxes. Well now it’s also true here on Cape Cod.

On December 3rd, 2010 the IRS filed a Tax Lien at the Barnstable County Registry of Deeds on Hyannis Air Service which is located at 660 Barnstable Road in Hyannis Ma.  

Hyannis Air Service Inc is listed as doing business as Cape Air, and operates passenger airlines in the United States. It operates flights to destinations, including Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, the Caribbean, Florida, and Micronesia.  It also holds 15 essential air service (EAS) contracts in the regions it serves, providing it more than $21 million in federal subsidies ( Our Taxes) to ensure air service to under-served areas. Hyannis Air Service Inc was founded in 1988 by Dan Wolf our Next State Senator for the Cape and Islands.

The IRS Tax lien covers the tax period ending 12/31/2009 for $47,353.31. The IRS date of assessment was 10/04 2010 .The lien also is for the tax period ending 12/31.2004 for the amount of $106, 488.42 with a date of assessment 04/23/2007. On 12/31 2005 the tax ending period, the IRS in its lien shows the Hyannis Air Service owes $51104.65.

The last one and the big one is for the tax period ending on 12/31/2006 with the date of assessment of 11/30/2009 for the amount of $408,787.72

According to Mr. Wolf’s own Web Page, the web page is quoted as saying.”Dan is the candidate who has already moved far beyond politics as usual.”

Beyond Politics as Usual?

Not so fast, it appears that Mr. Wolf is politics as usual. The Democrat Party has a strong history of politics as usual.

Let’s start with James Michael Curley, Mail Fraud, Charley Flaherty, pleaded guilty to a tax felony, Tom Finnegan, obstruction of justice. Dianne Wilkerson, Sal DiMasi, Bob DeLeo, and our US. Senator John Kerry, trying to avoid paying an estimated $500,000 dollars in taxes on the famous boat and now we have State Sen. elect Dan Wolf to add to this politics as usual.

The Voters of the Cape and Islands deserve better, but all we get is Politics as Usual.

The Tax Lien.

Form 668 (Y)(c)

(Rev. February 2004) Bk 25084 F3


Department of the Treasury – Internal Revenue Service

Notice of Federal Tax Lien 11 : 35a

Area: Serial Number For


Lien Unit Phone: (800) 913-6050 727956210

As provided by section 6321, 6322, and 6323 of the Internal Revenue

Code, we are giving a notice that taxes (including interest and penalties)

have been assessed against the following-named taxpayer. We have made a demand for payment of this liability, but it remains unpaid. Therefore, there is a lien in favor of the United States on all property and rights to property belonging to this taxpayer for the amount of these, taxes, and additional penalties, Interest, and costs that may accrue.

Hyannis Air Service INC, a Corporation

Residence’ 660 BARNSTABLE

HYANNIS, MA 02601-1927

IMPORTANT RELEASE INFORMATION: For each assessment listed below,

unless notice of the lien is ed by the date given in column (e) this notice

on the day following such date, operate as a certificate of release as defined

in IRC 6325

Tax Period Date of Last Da for Unpaid Balance

Kind of Tax Ending Identifying Number Assessment RefiL of Assessment

(a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (fl

1120 12/31/2009 04-3005476 10/04/2010 11/03/2020 47353.31

941 12/31/2004 04-3005476 03/07/2005 04/06/2015

941 12/31/2004 04-3005476 10/24/2005 11/23/2015

941 12/31/2004 04-3005476 04/23/2007 05/23/2017 106488.42

941 12/31/2005 04-3005476 03/20/2006 04/19/2016

941 12/31/2005 04-3005476 06/19/2006 07/19/2016

941 12/31/2005 04-3005476 01/01/2007 01/31/2017

941 12/31/2005 04-3005476 10/15/2007 11/14/2017 51104.65

941 12/31/2006 04-3005476 04/16/2007 05/16/2017

941 12/31/2006 04-3005476 11/30/2009 12/30/2019 408787.72

Place of Filing

Registry of Deeds

Barnstable County Total $ 613734.10

Barnstable, MA 02630

i-i ice was prepared and signed at MANHATTAN, NY

_____ , On this,

M ‘ 03rd day of December 2010

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