Bristol County sheriff candidates address patronage in hiring

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  • MerrimackMan

    Patronage is an important issue in Massachusetts government, and we should be alerted and bring public anything in this regard.

    However, you are posting assertions made by a candidate in a video from a County Sheriff’s debate (I presume?).

    You did not do any research. You did not even make your own argument at all. This post, like just about all of your posts, SUCKS.

    I understand if you have a job, wife and family and don’t have any time to make long winded posts like some other folks around here, but if you want to make SERIOUS allegations, and SERIOUS arguments, you should think about using your brain and writing a little more. Something tells me thats not in your DNA…..

  • This was vetted in the election, and the voters had the final say. They didn’t think much of Quinn’s argument. He lost the race in a very liberal county and gave up his rep seat.  

    It seems that this post is another ad hominem attack on someone who disagrees with Cliff on the chair race.    

  • First, after watching this “debate” I’m underwhelmed by both Quinn and Hodgson (especially Quinn) and it once again confirms my feelings that the Sheriff positions should be eliminated and their primary functions should be absorbed by the Dept of Correction (and secondary functions by state and local police).

    Secondly, didn’t I hear on the Howie Carr Show that a national search was conducted for the Legislative Liaison position?  It being a small world, this job was coincidentally filled by a regular RMG poster and (more interestingly) a prominent Republican activist.

    Thirdly, even a broken clock is right twice a day.  Now I know it’s an insult to broken clocks to compare them to to Cliffy, but he is right on this matter.  What is ironic (no, more like hypocritical) is the lame-ass defense being presented for a blatant example of political behavior that would anger every Republican activist, had a Democrat done the same thing (which of course they do).  Here you have a redundant political post that should be eliminated in the first place, hiring a position whose primary purpose is to seek funding from the legislature, which is filled by a political activist.  Like I said, what  you folks be saying around here if this was a bunch of Democrats doing it?

  • cfblake2

    How did the walmart tour go?