Boston Herald or RedMassGroup? Not sure….

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So I started reading the Boston Herald online this morning and got confused.  Was I reading the front page story or another post on RedMassGroup.  Its a story that has played out on RMG for months with regards to whether Jenn Nassour should be the Chairperson of the state party.

In a matter of just a few paragraphs I saw the names Jenn Nassour, Bill McCarthy, Brock Cordeiro.  And then in the comments section I saw Ken Pittman.  Geez, its like we took over the newspaper.

Sadly though, its one more story that portrays the state GOP as a fumbling bumbling collection of nitwits and imbeciles fighting amongst themselves for power.

Can’t we just once get a story that makes us look like a well greased machine?  I guess I blame McCarthy for pushing the wrong buttons and demanding Nassour’s resignation when there is an upcoming election that could have done the same thing through an established process.  

I know, let’s get Bill McCarthy elected to Chairman, and then immediately demand his resignation!

On a personal note, I think Jenn has done a pretty good job.  We have a number of newly elected state legislators within the party and we made a good run at a number of constitutional offices.  Bill McCarthy better be careful what he wishes for.  If he becomes Chairperson then it will be his sorry ass on the line for making things happen.  No more pointing fingers fatboy!!!!!  You will own it!!!  Trust me, its easy as hell to stand at a distance and talk tough about how to make the party a winner, but its something else all together to actually make it happen.

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  • “I think it’s unfair for them to blame anyone but the candidate and their campaign staff (for the losses),” Nassour said. “The party chair has nothing to do with the candidate’s loss.”

    “Bob Slydell: What would you say…ya do here?”

  • Ken Pittman

    The only reason I commented on the Herald site is because I happened to read the article right at midnight and saw I’d be the 1st to comment or near first. I was up late watching the New Orleans v Atlanta game because my fantasy football superbowl’s outcome was balanced on that game (I won).  

  • This guy has run for office more times the Guy Carbone, and has even less to show for it. And how does McCarthy propose to raise the party money while being employed at a state college? I can’t believe the Herald is giving McCarthy the time of day. Obviously it’s a slow news week…