Abortions VS Cribs……

On Wednesday the federal government outlawed drop side cribs because of the deaths of more than 30 infants over the last decade.  Read about it here.  No doubt this will cost many, many jobs and livelihoods over the next few years given the loss of business and expense of conducting a recall.

Juxtapose that fact with the understanding that the same federal government will fund planned parenthood to the tune of $363 Million dollars in fiscal 2008-2009.  That funding provided for over 324,000 abortions and only 9,400 adoptions.  That amount is set to double given Obama’s plans for funding over the next year.  Read about Planned Parenthood’s achievements and funding here.

Maybe it is time to take God’s name off the dollar?  He might not want it there afterall….

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  • geo999

    Out of tens of millions of cribs used, about 30 or so tragic accidents occured – the majority of which are likely attributable to user error or neglect.

    Parents who are using drop-side cribs are advised to check the hardware on the cribs to be certain it’s working properly

    Well, duhh.

  • the mayan’s tried this type of sacrifice to the gods.killing a baby and offering the baby’s soul to the god’s.their society ended up in the ash bin of history.