A Hero Cast Asunder

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Virtually lost in the Blizzard of 2010 was the Patrick Administration’s treatment of an American hero.  

In preparation for his second term, Governor Patrick has started making changes in his Administration.  One of these changes is the replacement of Tom Kelley, Capt. U.S. Navy, ret., who has served as Secretary of Veterans’ Affairs for MA since 2003.

Based on an article in the Boston Globe http://www.boston.com/news/loc… the removal of Kelley was telegraphed by his treatment at Patrick’s cabinet meetings:

But Kelley’s future with the administration appeared uncertain after the governor excluded him from Cabinet meetings

Its not that MA Veterans’ Services was not performing well.  In fact MA is a model for other states in how to deliver services to those veterans that served their country in times of peace and times of conflict.  This model delivery system was the result of the work of Kelley and his team, yet he was asked to leave.

Just how was he asked to leave?

Kelley said that his boss, Health and Human Services Secretary JudyAnn Bigby, informed him that “the governor and lieutenant governor want to, quote, move in a new direction. I’m not part of that new direction.”

So Kelley was asked to resign, not by the Governor or Lt. Governor, but by another Cabinet Secretary.

Yes, this happens all the time when political leadership changes or embarks on a second term.

But this is different, Tom Kelley is a recipient of the MEDAL OF HONOR.  One of less than 90 (I think its 86) living recipients of the Medal of Honor.  For this alone he deserved the respect and dignity of being asked to resigned and told why, not from another cabinet secretary, but from the Governor himself.

How the Governor handled the replacement of Kelley as Secretary of Veterans’ Affairs speaks volumes to his view of veterans and the sacrifices they have made for our country.  That he could not deliver the news of this change to a Medal of Honor recipient himself is unacceptable and veterans’ everywhere need to call his office and complain of the treatment afford Tom Kelley, I am quite sure that he deserved better.

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  • I’m sorry to see Tom Kelley go, not only did he miraculously command a rescue mission after receiving a near direct hit of an enemy missile (and losing one eye), he devoted his life after the military helping his fellow brothers and sisters who served in the military.  

    But once again RMG posters use inaccurate information to advance a political agenda that has nothing to do with the substance of an issue–in this case the forced retirement of the 71 year old Kelley.  

    If you were paying any attention to the Patrick/Murray efforts you would know what a ridiculous ascertain it is suggest they have some how turned their backs on Veterans (heck, it was Gov. Romney that chopped job training money from the veterans budget, as we entered the Irag War in 2003/04.)

    To show how little you know about the Dept of Veterans Affairs and what they do, the legal position Sec. Kelley has is “Commissioner” of Veterans Affairs and his title as Secretary is more of an honorary one than a statutory title.  The Department of Veterans Affiars reports into Health and Human Services–Secretary Bigby was his direct boss–not the Governor or Lt Gov as you falsely asserted twice.  But you really don’t care about facts, all you care about is scoring political points and not presenting the truth.  

  • lying pieces of excrement should never speak of veterans.

  • Sure, the gentleman was serving at the pleasure of the governor & was probably fortunate enough to survive Deval’s first term.  

    That said, it seems that he was a more than capable appointee and finding a replacement of his caliber will be difficult.

    The state Veterans of Foreign Wars organization criticized Governor Deval Patrick today for asking for the resignation of Veterans’ Services Secretary Thomas G. Kelley, a Vietnam War hero and Congressional Medal of Honor winner who has served four governors.

    The governor’s actions in the “unceremonious dismissal” of Kelley “leave a very bad taste in our mouths,” the VFW said in a statement. “The Governor owes Secretary Kelley an apology; he owes every recipient of the Medal of Honor an apology.”

    The VFW statement said that Kelley and his staff had made the state “the leader in benefits and entitlements for service members and their families.” The organization said that it also looked forward to working with Coleman Nee, the department undersecretary who will replace Kelley in the interim.


  • Vote3rdpartynow

    No doubt, he has a very difficult job and the pressure must be most oppressive.  I have no fear that the Honorable Governor has a well established plan for the replacement and together they will all bring great joy to our commonwealth.

    “On the mend and on the move” – words to live by!

    Three cheers for Governor Patrick….