37% of all tax filers paid no tax in 2008

Per the IRS

Americans filed 140 million tax returns for calendar year 2008 income. Through the use of deductions, exemptions and credits, 52 million tax returns of the 140 million total returns (or 37% of all returns filed) paid zero federal income tax (source: Internal Revenue Service).

In fact, many of those 37% that filed and paid no tax did so for the purpose of getting refundable credits such as the Earned Income Credit. In other words, these are people that file a return, pay $0 tax and actually get a refund. Sweet! My understanding is that 47% of 2009 filers paid no tax in part due to energy and stimulus orienetd credits.

Care to guess who those 52 million plus Americans voted for? I say “plus” given the fact that many of the returns filed may be joint returns.  

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  • …like that recent post about supporting your Dem state Rep (but you apparently deleted it, or I can find it).  But this post is nothing but a kinder and gentler Cliff Blake post that has a coherent beginning, middle and an end.  But it still boils down to a conservative half-truth talking point.

    Your headline and the way you right the post makes it seem as if more than a third of the population pays no taxes…when they in fact do.  Yes, they don’t pay federal income taxes…but they pay SSI/Medicare taxes, state income, sales and meals taxes, government users fees and (maybe) property taxes.  But conservatives don’t tell the complete truth about low income folks who pay every tax all of us pay, except the federal income tax.

    And then conservatives like to imply it’s all a Democratic scheme to give people a free ride.  Well if you cared to do basic due diligence on the subject, you will find that it was signed into law by a Republican President (Ford) and was vastly expand by the Patron Saint of the Modern Conservative Movement (yes Reagan himself).  So this is a creature of Republicans.

    BTW, I will take a guess and say that a good amount of the 52 plus million taxpayers who got an earned income tax credit didn’t vote for anyone…are you aware of the low voter turnout among the poor?  And among those who do vote a surprising amount vote for Republicans…for example almost 9,000 people voted for McCain in your neighboring Lynn.