Your Stimulus Dollars At Work ..

After all the bailouts and “quantitive easing” it appears that finaly corporations are beginning to loosen up on all of the accumulated cash that they have been hoarding.

At least one of them is

General Electric Co. plans to invest more than $2 billion in China in technology and financial service ventures and research, adding 1,000 jobs in a country Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Immelt is targeting for growth…

And we say these guys shouldnt be taxed ? ..

GE isnt part of the problem, they virtualy have copyright on being the problem. If they were allowed to sink or swim on their own merits their board room would have long ago become a set on the continuing adventures of sponge bob.

But instead we bail them out from the results of their laughably poor judgement and continue to  subsidize them on their new starts at more of the same, and in return ….

More of the same …

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