Who Would You Vote For, For State Committee Chair?

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So imagine your a state committee person and you had to vote for the MA State GOP Chair today… who would you vote for?

Some quick choices below :

(feel free to add anyone you feel should be considered in the comments area)

Sean Bielet

Jon Golnik

Sam Meas

Mary Z. Connaughton

Christy Mihos

Kim Roy

Jenn Nassour

Karen Polito

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  • cfblake2

    Nassour – Kaufman have to go they failed. We do not need anymore of there great ideas on how to win (LOSE)

  • Running for Congress and losing by a wide margin apparently makes you a candidate for party chair?

    So does failing to get 15% at the convention?

    So does sending an insane email to your peers that gets posted on BMG showing your immaturity?


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  • When NH was licking its wounds, it needed that strong leader with credibility. Our bench is not deep here – but I would think someone like Cellucci is the best choice.

    Jenn needs to go though. She failed.  

  •    The man knows everyone in the state. he holds a great conversation, with blue collar people and CEO’s.

      He was the man behind the scenes in the most successful write-in campaign in history.

      Can anybody give me a reason why not?

  • cfblake2

    Lets keep Mit Romneys hands off the State GOP.

    Bill McCARTHY is best for the job he is not spoiled goods like all the rest. Lets breath some new life into our state GOP. Jen Nassour and Kaufmann have to go and lets not replace them with the same old same old

  • Jenn Nassour was able to do what Kerry Healey, Peter Torkildsen, Darrell Crate, Jim Rappaport, Brian Cresta and whomever else have not been able to do in a very long time …


    We have four very good GOP Sheriffs, one great DA, and up to 16 new State Representatives.

    I’m not saying that mistakes haven’t been made but Ms. Nassour was able to notch some victories that haven’t been delivered for nearly two decades.

    The fact that there is this “movement” to remove her for apparently being able to win a Governor’s race shows just why the MA-GOP is always seen as circling the crapper.  

  • 50-55 votes or so, a new poll should be created with all but the bottom 3. run-off polling until there’s a majority! lol

  • I thought of the relevance to our state party chair debate. The comments that stood out to me are in bold.


    Republicans always need a ground game and fundraising prowess to win close races, even in good times, Healy argues. “Everything else really doesn’t matter. You really need a mechanic: someone who understands all aspects of operations and fundraising. Whether that’s me or someone else, I’ll leave that up to the committee to decide.”

    Critics of Healy’s potential candidacy point to the fact that in the Nutmeg State this year, Republicans got creamed. They lost every statewide office – including the governorship, which they had held for 16 years – and every congressional race. Still, it’s unfair to pin the blame solely on Healy. Democrats saw Connecticut as one of their last redoubts and fortified it accordingly. Pres. Barack Obama, first lady Michelle Obama, and former president Bill Clinton all stumped for the Democratic ticket. And congressional candidates Dan Debicella and Sam Caligiuri, the most competitive contenders in this blue state, were outspent by two to one.

    That said, Healy may very well decline to run and support another candidate. He says many great candidates are taking the field. Nonetheless, if anything distinguishes him from the crowd, it is his credibility, he says. “I know what a precinct worker goes through, because I still do that, and I did that as chairman,” he argues. “They’re getting the real deal – not someone who’s going to get distracted by the bright lights. You can have the greatest consultants, but if you don’t inspire people to get to the polls, it never works. And I think I have those skills . . . it’s just a question of if enough people think I have those skills.”

    How this plays out in January, I don’t know. I don’t even know if we have someone who fits this description. But I do know that the state party did not do all it could to aid our grassroots efforts or down-ballot candidates. It should not take local RTCs to initiate grassroots training.

    The state party has less than 1 year to get training resources available for local RTCs and activists to generate year-round activism. And they need to hold seminars in each Senate district. 3 locations around the state aren’t enough. Use the RTC chairs as regional managers so to speak. Offer intensive training and charge them with then training their membership. Start holding local committees accountable, but at the same time provide them with the tools and training to get the job done.

  • In the late winter/early spring of 2007,I tried to volunteer for the Mass GOP. Couldn’t get a phone call returned or an e-mail response.

    I believe when Jenn took over the party was tens of thousands of dollars in debt. After raising and spending millions over the last two years the party had $300K+ cash on hand.

    I can only speak for myself as a candidate but I got invaluable help from Nate, Mike, Tarah, Kirsten, Magan, Kaitlyn and others at the state party. Phone calls and e-mails always quickly returned with the information or answers I needed. That is the team Jenn put together.

    Jenn introduced me at my campaign kick off, attended the fundraiser that Charlie headlined for me, introduced me to her friends and contacts in the district and was always available for information and support.

    Over the last two years over 100 City, Town and Ward Committees have been organized and we had the largest participation at the State Convention in memory.

    One thing I would like to see improved is the State Party holding County, City/Town and Ward Committees more accountable. Neither my city committee nor my ward committee met in the eight months leading up to the election. Now I am not familiar with the State Committee by-laws but I believe they should require quarterly reports as to meetings and activities. Committee-people at all levels who do not remain consistently active in party building activities should be asked/forced to resign.

    It is the local committees that are responsible for recruiting candidates. Asking one person or even the State Party to recruit 150-200 candidates each election cycle is absurd.

    Perhaps if we spent as much time and energy fighting the Democrats as we so fighting amongst ourselves our party would be that much better off.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    You last about one election cycle and then your hated for the rest of your life and blamed for the failings of the Republican Party.

  • No none of the above? None of these names are good, except for maybe Karyn Polito.

    Sean Bielat, Jon Golnik, and Sam Meas? What have these people done to be considered candidates for this position? Sorry, but I don’t want someone as state party chair who is very critical of the highest ranking Republican in the state because he’s not conservative enough (Sean Bielat). The others could not raise money for their congressional runs. Chrisy Mihos, is this a joke? Mary Z is a very weak fundraiser. Jenn Nassour, well, we all know her record. Kim Roy? Don’t know enough about her. Karyn Polito? I think she should stay out of partisan positions, as she is still a strong candidate for future high office. What about Kerry Healey, who can raise money and is known by state Republicans? Andy Card? Pete Flaherty?  

  • John would be my choice, he has run for U. S. Congress in the past, and has helped Jim McKenna run for office, so he knows what it’s like to run a campaign.  He has small and large business experience, and is active in the Dudley RTC.  

    Peter – you may not know the name but I bet if you saw him you would say —–OHHHH that guy.

  • Yes I am a democrat and yes I am the Chairman of the Dartmouth TC.  I have also seen Brock work HARD for YOUR party.

    This is not SNARK as some may take it. I feel Brock Cordeiro is dedicated to the GOP.

    Just thought I would throw his name into the conversation

  • Mr. Mihos is not the person you would want to run the Mass GOP. Mr. Mihos is not a Team player. He has NO leadership abilities. He’s a phony. Remember Christy, What goes around Comes around. Payback is a B#$ch.

  • I can’t believe anyone would vote for the “Greasy Greek” Christy Mihos. He should be laughed out of the state.

  • the list is full of wana be pols.jenn nassour is not awana be pol!

  • How about Charlie Baker?

    – He’s  a proven fundraiser.  He has far better connections in the MA business and political community than any of the names mentioned.

    – He’s got far more credibility in addressing policy issues and the direction of state government than any of the names mentioned.

    – He’s got some time on hios hands right now but he has other things going on.  As a result, he’ll do a better job delegating and developing staff than the current chair.

    – He’s a proven manager.

    – His real ambition is probably an appointive position in a GOP administration in 2012 or thereafter.  That means it won’t be a problem for potential contenders for state office in 2014.  

    – He can units the party.  He got approximately 90% at the convention.  Enough said.  

  • cfblake2

    B McCarthy needs to be the next head of the Mass GOP

  • …I do hope that ALL of the best ideas that people have for improving the entire Massachusetts GOP and ALL of the concerns, comments, and all other input that people have about the Massachusetts GOP are fully integrated, by the entire Massachusetts GOP.

  • I put my vote for our current Senate Minority leader Richard Tisei. He has been a proven leader for our party for 26 years, he has the knowledge experience and Rolodex to do the job.

  • I think before we can answer the question of WHO we need to ask WHAT is the model? Jen Nassour’s tenure has been in one respect an anomaly.

    The usual setup for the state committee has been to have a Chairman who was independently wealthy, didn’t take a salary, and was responsible primarily with fund-raising and getting quoted in the papers coupled with an “executive director” who got paid and showed up at the office every day to run it.

    Nassour, also without getting paid, took on the roles of both executive director AND Chairman. I think this has been one of the problems of the last two years.

    The best choice for Chairman may be someone who can raise money and be a compelling figurehead but may not be interested in putting in 40-hr. weeks. But that can be left to a paid executive director (serving at the pleasure of the Chairman) who need only be a competent manager not a public spokesman.

  •    How about MAGOP Political Director Mike Rigas? Nobody has mentioned him, and I can’t see him escaping under the radar. Umm, yes he is the Political Director of MAGOP.


      If no one has ever heard of him, I think that is reason enough.

  • Many of these folks would be great, expect Christy Mihos.  He and his type do not support fellow Republicans.  He throws a few bucks around and thinks he has done his duty and then attacks other Republicans (like Healey, Baker, and many, many others) in the media.  Who ever is next, needs to build the get out the vote plan to protect Brown and others in 2012.