What do you want from your Republican Chairman

Some of the comments in response to the recent post about Who Would You Vote For, For State Committee Chair? took an interesting turn as posters outlined certain qualities they are looking for in a chairman for the Massachusetts Republican Party. I felt this deserved it’s own post, and I am interested to know the thoughts of others on RMG.

ConsEph started it off by outlining the following qualities:

– Ability to fundraise to support statewide efforts and build support for state rep and senate candidates.  This is especially important as 2012 is a Presidential with no statewide races so its all rep and senate.

– Ability to recruit strong candidates for federal, statewide and state rep/senate seats.

– Ability to present the state party’s issues with the media to build party presence and “brand” within the state.

– Ability to attract people of all backgrounds to join the party (note, this differs from organizing people as that, in my eyes, is more of an executive director’s roles)

– Ability to build a cohesive team at the SC level.  There will be differences of opinion, which is good, but they need to be handled in a respectful and appropriate manner.

– Ability to lead in the creation of a vision and strategy for the MA GOP.

Republican Ram Rod Radio chimed in with his top three:

1.) Must unite the party.

2.) Must be an effective Fund Raiser.

3.) Must have experience.

I agree in some respects with the above commenters, and disagree with others. Some people seem to want a John Walsh type as their Chairman. John is someone who is a strategist first, and doesn’t provide an appealing frontman for the media. Some others prefer what we have in our current Chairman, Jennifer Nassour. She is a good face for our party even though she is lacking in the experience and campaign strategy arenas. Most others seem to want some perfect or idealized mix of them both.

A well-run political party is one that excels in all four of the following:

  • Fundraising
  • Media Presence
  • Party Building/Grassroots
  • Candidate Recruitment and Support

One person alone cannot successfully be responsible for all of the above. They need to hire an accomplished team to fill in the gaps. In my opinion it’s better to get a Chairman who can contribute with fundraising and being a representative of the party in the media. Leave the strategy elements to those who have had proven success in campaigns and/or grassroots organizing. I personally prefer a party Chair who can give a good speech and inspire people to donate, run, and volunteer above one that excels in a backroom strategy session.    

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