Watch for Electoral Fraud this Tuesday!

You would think that in 2010, our basic constitutional right to vote and it's proper recording would be a non-issue. But based upon the September 14th election and serious election irregularities in regards to the Write-In Tally and Recording for Attorney General, I would strongly recommend that poll workers be present in the following cities and towns.

Attached are 24 Cities and Towns that had serious issues with throwing out votes, not counting votes and in some cases totally ignoring votes cast by Republicans and Unenrolled voters during the 9/14 primary. If Jim McKenna had not won so decisively, these election officials would have robbed the 9/14 election from the public… and given it to Martha Coakley. It was corruption at its worst!

If Jim had not run and Guy Carbone was the only candidate, they would have denied Guy Carbone a place on the ballot because officially he only received 9,505 votes.  But in actuality… he far exceeded the 10,000 wrote-in votes to get on the ballot. 5 Cities and Towns threw out 100% of the write-in/sticker votes alone.

Watch them and watch them close – New Bedford was a big offender, Boston, Springfield and Worcester were big offenders. With Sean doing so well against Barney Frank and others mounting good challenges… I would expect that desperate individuals who work the polls may do some very bad things.

I was almost inclined to call in Jimmy Carter to monitor our Massachusetts elections.. just like he has done for other 3rd world countries. Folks… are we not better than this? If you ever needed a reason to vote the old guard out – this is one of them!

9-14 Primary for AG

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