Voting Issues in brookline – Please investigate


I just got feedback from a work colleague that there are significant irregularities in Brookline. While there many people were determined to be “inactive” and were required to show significant documentation to confirm they are who they said they were.  She said it was a number of people.  One man, who had recently moved did not have an updated address on his driver license so they would not let them vote.

This person has been prone to exaggeration, but please look into this. Thanks.

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  • nomad943

    I had that happen to me a few years ago and got the scoop.

    It seems that cities are now in the habit of sending out local “census” forms on an almost annual basis, and failure to complete and return these forms risks getting yourself placed on the inactive voter list.

    This list is the one where people are required to show positive ID when they come in, in order to obtain a ballot.

    However, lacking that ID (with proper updated address), one should still get a provisionary ballot. The address claim can be checked out later but I know of no excuse to refuse someones right to vote entirely.