Transparency for a Brighter Future

There are many questions to be asked about the state and direction of the Massachusetts Republican party.  However, in presenting these questions, we all must act in a measured way. Republicans and conservatives stand for acting responsibly, while offering pragmatic solutions. Now is a time to act worthy of ourselves, and not rush to conclusions.

One conclusion we should not rush toward is firing Chairwoman Nassour on November 17th. This will accomplish nothing but engender deep divisions within our party, which we cannot afford right now. I have been openly critical of Chairwoman Nassour and her staff over the past week for the results of last Tuesday. However, Nassour has worked quite hard under challenging circumstances, and firing her now would be unfair with an election for chairman on the horizon in January 2011.

However, with respect to January’s election for our party, we all must take time to consider who should lead the growth of our party and what its message should be.

Our party has demanded transparency and accountability from Beacon Hill. To have moral ground to stand on on these issues,  we must first lead the way by showing that our Republican Party has transparency and accountability in its own operations. The state committee cannot make informed decisions about our future, our message or the performance of Chairwoman Nassour until they are made aware of why, how and  where the Party’s money was spent in the last election cycle.

Let me pose some important questions for State Committee Members to ponder:

1.Did top tier, state-wide candidates receive adequate funding and support from our party’s apparatus? We may find that Mary Z, Karyn P, etc received adequate funding from Chairwoman Nassour and her staff.

2.Did the Chairwoman Nassour and her staff help fund the efforts of our 21 newly elected State Representative candidates? Did they invest in other candidates who came close to winning? How were these decisions made?

3.Did Chairwoman Nassour and her staff help fund the efforts of the State Senate races that were closely lost with great Republican candidates, like those in Plymouth and Worcester Counties? How were these decisions made?

4.Finally,  was the approx. $3 million raised by the Party used primarily to support Republican candidate and races, and not for high rents, high compensated employees and high priced consultants?

Our Republican Party needs to bring light to all of this by doing a transparency audit. Some will say that all this information is available by way of the various State and Federal political finance reporting mechanisms. I say we need detail, because people like me (who are willing to donate to this cause) deserve to see where are money is being spent.  We need measurements. We need total transparency so we all move forward knowing what happened, how it happened, and what we can learn from the mistakes we made that led to this state-wide drubbing.

Its time to act worthy of our principles. Please join me in this effort.  

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