The Probation Report realease after the election.

While I wish that this report had been released BEFORE the election, I’m beginning to think that it wouldn’t have really mattered. What I mean by that is the fraud being perpetuated at the Probation Department, while egregious, is not that surprising to me. Everyone knows how corrupt our one-party-controlled Legislature is. It’s why we call state government a hackarama.

This fraud is happening in every department to some extent. Maybe not as flagrant as in the Probation Department, but it is happening. So to say that voters would have voted differently based on this report is, I think, wishful thinking on our part. If voters cared about cleaning this crap up and REALLY reforming state government, they would not have voted for Marsha, Bump, Coupe Deval, Grossman and all the other incumbent Reps and Senators.

It’s no secret that the Legislature uses public agencies and departments as their own personal employment offices. It’s been going on for generations (see: Bulger, Christopher et. al.).

So I really don’t think this report being released before the election would’ve changed many, if any, election results.

All that being said, as part of our local activism we must keep highlighting this report and – more importantly – the cause of the problem. Specifically the fact that a Legislature so dominated by one party, and that is continually re-elected no matter what they do, will always work the system for their benefit at the expense of the taxpayers. And the only way to eliminate it, or at least make a REAL attempt at eliminating it, is to elect Republicans to bring some balance to the debate.

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