The Future Wave for Massachusetts

While much of the nation's conservatives have been celebrating the historic 60+ seat gain for the GOP in the US House of Representatives, here in Massachusetts there seems at first glance little to cheer about. The Democrats won every statewide race and all 10 congressional seats. After a year or more of strong grass roots toil and sweat, after recruiting and pushing forward the most qualified slate of conservative candidates MA has seen in decades, after many of the races gained national exposure, we lost- everything. But upon further contemplation, maybe we did gain something, something more important to a New England GOP- a future.


All that grass roots work, all those solid candidates, all those experiences are not going to fade into the background. We have begun the long term process of building the foundations of a new conservative base in MA and greater New England. Changing the bluest state in the union can not happen over night. Many of us wanted to think Scott Brown was the herald of a reborn Yankee conservatism, and maybe it was, but it will take time to germinate, grow, and finally come to fruition. 

We may only have to wait 2 years to see some results. Sean Bielat, who gave Barney Frank a legitimate run, may very well be back in 2 years when many assume Frank will finally retire.There are now twice as many Republicans in the state house who will be groomed for higher offices. If we had not had a Tea Party fueled wave of conservative candidates this year there may not have been a bench of players available to run when seats become open, when incumbents stumble. 

It will take time, but battles like this happen over decades, not single election cycles. If we are committed to for the long haul in ten years we could have an election where the GOP is on even ground with the Democrats. We have to keep pushing every cycle for more candidates, more challenges. Slowly but surely we can build the Republican party- even here in Massachusetts.

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  • This “positive spin game” is profoundly bizarre, and it proves the point that non-leftists throughout Massachusetts are clueless to the reality of the ongoing political situation throughout Massachusetts: The voting numbers are not there for the Massachusetts GOP/conservatives to win the majority of Massachusetts votes! Be optimistic for the rest of your life all you want to be, because it won’t translate into reality with Massachusetts politics. Massachusetts is a socialistic state, forever. Massachusetts is a lost cause for any actual improvements upon commonsense, forever. Deny this all you want to, for the rest of your life. It’s your choice, and it’s your ignorance.

  • We need a real GOP party in MA that vets candidates and we have to start conservative. The GOP is supposed to be the party of small government, national security, low taxes. I am conservative on the social issues, but we have to allow others in that are not.  We have to build the GOP up but keep the fiscal consevative at the top.

    After the fact, Hedlund would have been a better candidate for the 10th district.  We have to remember that something that happened 19 years ago is nothing to most of us, but when someone keeps bringing it up every day it’s like it happened yesterday. I think what knocked Perry off is that the girl decided or was paid to talk in the last week or so.  That’s what did it for him.

    I like Charlie Baker, but he had no fire, no excitement.  He did a good job at Harvard Pilgrim.  Our company used to offer Blue Cross and HPHC HMO.  In late 1999 our insurance consultants told us that it is on brink of bankruptcy and we had to switch to BCBS HMO.  We did on our renewal date.  

    Charlie Baker rescued HPHC, he could have rescued us from Deval.  

    I can’t wait to see what happens to Cahill. That will show us if he was a shill all the time. Loscoco did damage to Baker too, he should have shut up and left if that was his intention.  

  • I forgot to add my friend in CA asked if we have the only two states that are retarded.  We do have one thing going for us, we did NOT reelected a Gov that she told me started the pensions in CA from the 1070s to 2010!

    She is as unhappy as I am and most of the rest of us are.  

  • He would have been eviscerated just as Perry was. Across the country, Dems ran classic Alinsky campaigns: pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it.

    We won’t win in this state until we throw it right back at the Dems twice as hard. That takes money, but it also takes candidates strong and confident enough to pull it off. Both Baker and Perry were reluctant to get into the gutter(Baker because of lack of political experience, Perry because positive campaigns had always worked for him). In a sense, both men pulled a Dukakis.

    If we want to win rhetorical wars, we have to be willing to fight them.