The Case to Remove Chairman Nassour

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We can all agree that we did not do as well this election cycle as we expected, and we lost a number of races in last Tuesday’s Election that we felt were winnable. All of our candidates for Statewide Office and US Congress failed in their bids to get elected. We did make some gains in the Massachusetts House of Representatives, but we still do not have a meaningful position in the Legislature.

GOP Chairman Jennifer Nassour’s strategy failed and, according to the Boston Herald, the Democrats are already planning for 2012 and organizing against U.S. Senator Scott Brown. This is why we must act now and not wait until January to start re-organizing. The primary issue we must first address is a plan to deal with Gerrymandering before the Dems draw themselves self-serving districts for the next 10 years.

I have spoken to many local candidates for State Rep and Senate who said the State GOP did little or nothing in the way of help or money while our gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker received over $2,000,000.00.  

If Mary Z had $200,000 in the last week to fend off the attacks, she would be called Auditor today and had Karyn Polito received $100,000 to rebut the negative license plate issue, we would be calling her Treasurer Elect today.  If some of the other 117 losing republican candidates received any support, perhaps we would be singing a different tune.

For the reasons stated above, I think that an immediate change in leadership is absolutely essential to moving forward as a Party and as a State.

Thank you,

Bill McCarthy

Republican State Committee Member

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