Tarr – vs – Hedlund

Bob Hedlund State House News has reported that both Bruce Tarr and Bob Hedlund are interested in leading the MassGOP Senate Caucus.

I say Hedlund.

We need a change in our Republican leadership.  Our Republican leadership has been concentrated among a few liberal North Shore Republicans.  Meanwhile, most Republicans exists in central Mass, the South Shore and Cape Code.  This is true for both our elected officials and the rank and file.  Bruce Tarr and Brad Jones even have overlapping districts.  This does not represent the party in either geography nor ideology.  I have included a map demonstrating this below the fold.

Richard Tisei was an ineffective and left wing leader and Bruce Tarr has given us no indication that he will be any different.  Fundraising for our Senate PAC is virtually non-existent and our candidates get virtually no help.  We had 3 Senate candidates finish with 48% of the vote in the 2010 elections and lost a seat.  On the House side, we more than doubled our numbers.  When donors and activists look for someone to follow, they will prefer Bob Hedlund.  Change is needed and Bob Hedlund is the man who can bring that change.

Liberal policies are seldom fought and often embraced both on the Senate floor and in the media.  Bob Hedlund is a proven fighter that will represent us well.  When the media goes to to the Republican leader to make the Republican case for and against legislation, I want Bob Hedlund to be the man making that case.


Tarr Versus Hedlund

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  • They should just draw straws and split the money five ways.

  • In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man shall be king. Go Bob Go!  

  • Easy choice. The GOP Breadbaskets are in Worcester and Plymouth Counties. It makes sense to have minority leadership that represents them.

  • Tarr seems like the guy who can patch and keep a GOP coalition together a little better.

    Hedlund has been known to eviscerate Republicans, at least the national GOP. He’s a Ron Paul guys and I’m fine with that, but I dont know if that is the type of person  who should lead the party.

    With repsect to North Shore, Tarr is a little more Gloucester and a little less Swampscott if you know what I mean. He’s done great things for the fishing commuity and has some blue colar appeal.

  • He’s excellent with the media, and we need all of the positive PR we can get at this point.

  • richardhwheeler

    I’m almost tempted to say that this question is irrelevant. We now have four (4) Senators in the State Senate.  With this small a number, we need someone who is going to be able to speak softly and carry a big stick, and sometimes speak loudly.  That’s Senator Hedlund, hands down.  Senator Hedlund is an articulate spokesman for common-sense conservative views combined with a scrappiness and zeal for the rough-and-tumble nature of politics that we need right now.  

  • Vincent Errichetti

    This is really not important right now.  

  • one man leaves!

  • Get rid of one more, then have a Triumverate like the Roman Empire. How did that work again?

  • Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno

    in a series of 2-2 tie votes that carries us until January of 2013.

  • nomad943

    I dont think geography adds anything to this question but I do think that ideology is huge. If there is one senator, 4 senators or however many, we are still in the game when it comes to the battle of ideas. The leadership role is important. That person becomes our collective voice and that person should have a consistant clear message. That person IMO should be Bob Hedlund ..

  • politicalmadman
  • As much as I like Senator Hedlund personally, he has a tendency to fly a little off the handle.  We’re talking policy here and Senator Tarr is the man for the job.  Let Jennifer Nassour sort out the party’s image…it seems to me that the failure to elect more Republicans (especially constitutional officers) falls on her shoulders.

  • If I had a vote for his I would vote for Senator Tarr.

  • I have been to many events where (due to reasons of geography) Senators Tarr and Baddour were both in attendance.

    FULL DISCLOSURE:  I am a left-leaning Democrat from a town where Charlie Baker got 28% of the vote.  I like Tarr.  I look at Baddour as a DINO.  I would vote for Tarr, especially if Tarr and Baddour were opponents in the same election.

    I think you should engineer a trade, you can have Baddour and we’ll take Tarr.

    So, if the Senate Republicans (all four of them) get in the room and think about the future, here’s the lesson.  If you want to broaden your appeal to the political center, to the people who go to Town Meeting and care about their town and local government, go with Tarr.  If you want someone to advocate from the right, and to throw rocks at an overwhelming majority, go for Hedlund.

  • You’re nuts if you think Scott Brown is the conservative guy you’re pretending he is.  He’s a moderate, that’s why he won a state wide seat (and Coakley took being a democrat for granted).  When Mitt ran for governor, he was also a moderate…he was a lefty on most social issues and turned conservative when he and his team believed it was his best angle to get the into the White House.

    Do you know why most people in this state are registered independents?  It’s because they are moderates…socially leaning/fiscally conservative.

  • Bruce will work as hard as anyone.  He is by far the best speaker and had all media outlets listening to his message.  We need open communication,  Vote Bruce Tarr

    Jim Hannon

  • What about Senator Knapik?  I live in the western part of the state and he has always been a huge advocate for my district.  I’ve met Senator Tarr before and I’ve always thought he was very insight.  Unfortunately, I don’t know very much about Senator Hedlund.  But from reading above, if he’s a libertarian than I don’t think he’ll accurately represent the majority of Republicans.

  • …Tarr needs to move out of his mother’s house and Hedlund needs to lose that beard.

  • Tarr’s the better debater, Hedlund’s more likely to (privately) tell Murray to go screw herself.

    Toss up.

    Tarr’s more David Locke.

    Hedlund’s more Kevin Poirier.

    Liked them both.

  • Mr Tarr and Mr Hedlund’s facebook pages. Tarr’s is rather antiseptic. only 3 pictures, typical pol stuff.  Hedlunds is rather revealing with some bizzare rock and roll types throughout.  How high up was Scott Brown when he was there? I know more about Hedlund from the Patriot Ledger than Tarr.

  • Forget about Tarr vs Hedlund for now, since it is 50/50.

    I found about RMG from Red State. Red State has Scott Brown on list to target in 2012.  

    Let’s support Brown and try to make him more conservative, he should have nothing to do with Barney Frank, John Kerry and the rest of our MA delegation.

    We have Scott in DC and we have to keep him there, the Tea Party also feels betrayed by his vote on the bank bill. I didn’t like his vote for it, but that doesn’t mean I will not vote for him next time.

    J Nassour has to go. She took credit for Scott’s win. It was “we the people of the United States” not just RMG. It was the entire country.  I have friend in NC who told me when Scott won it was as if we won the Super Bowl & World Series at once. The whole country cheered.  I have another friend in CA that belongs to Tea Party, she sent me email asking them to contribute to him.

    In my humble opinion, we should let the four MA GOP senators work it out for a few months. If they do not have a good minority speaker, then we should get involved.

    I know all politics are local.  Let things stay this way and watch carefully.

    I do not want to lose Scott Brown because we do not agree on a speaker for a four person minority.

  • He is a very good speaker and knows the economic issues well.  

  • Tarr has the attention to detail and discipline to do the job.  He also is an excellent spokesperson.  Hedlund can be undisciplined and suffers too often from diarrhea of the mouth.  He would be a potential catastrophe in this position.

    BTW- Didn’t Hedlund cast the deciding vote for Tisei during the last state senate minority leader fight, breaking a 2-2 tie with Tarr?  Anyone remember where Knapik was on that one?          

  • While Tarr may be more eloquent, Bob has been more agressive in taking on the status quo.  While more symbolic than cost-effective, look at his move to eliminate legislator license plates.  He also took the lead on the Auntie Zatuni issue as well as the push to revert our state hackery to a part time legislature.

    Bob has the ideas that will resonate with the highly coveted “independent/leaner” constituency.  

    Wake up.  We’re working with a Senate Republican Caucus consisting of FOUR members.  

    I heard there’s a joke around the State House that says if you’re looking for the Senate Republicans, just check the elevators.

    This is pathetic.  They NEED to be more aggressive now that their numbers have dwindled even further.  I’d go for Hedlund in this instance.  

  • why not have the senate republican leader from the region that has the most republicans?i would say ross has the most republican office holders that are nearest to his district.

  • Let’s add Senator Ross into the mix. NEW POLL!

    Senator Ross (Wrentham) now has three Republican Representative in his district: State Rep Betty Poirier, Dan Winslow, and George Ross.  He has numerous Republican City Councilors, Selectman, other elected officials and I think (Don’t quote me on this one) at least 3 Republican dog catchers (Woops …should I be saying animal control officers?)

  • …with 4 members in the Senate, the only way the caucus will have an impact in the chamber is if they have a leader who: 1) Knows the rules and can be a procedural tactician and 2) Is well-spoken and good at debating in the chamber and putting out the minority message with the media.  Tarr has clearly demonstrated he is better at both.  As (I believe) the only lawyer in the caucus, he will take the lead challenging the leadership when they try to sneak votes by or clamp down on debate.

    Hedlund would be a good second-in-command.  

    I just hope they don’t have too much drama making this decision.  The LAST thing these four need is to be divided internally.  To be at all effective, they will have to be a cohesive unit.  Each will have to take on a leadership post as well as several committee assignments, not to mention conference committees and other appointments because they are the minority representatives.  This could overload them all, but could be handled if they work as a group.

  • It should be Ross.  I have serious concerns with both Tarr and Hedlund. Tarr should move out of his mother’s house.  I’ve heard Hedlund on the radio, sometimes bashing Republicans as bad as any Democrat.  Ross won his seat in a competitive race, he runs the quintessential “community-based” small business, and he comes from an area that is (arguably) Republican. Oh, and he must have charisma, people are dying to see him ! (I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help that one.)

    PS:  Since there are only four of them , this is kind of like four football buddies deciding who’s going on the beer run. Maybe they should just do a “leader of the week” thing every month.