Tarr – vs – Hedlund

Bob Hedlund State House News has reported that both Bruce Tarr and Bob Hedlund are interested in leading the MassGOP Senate Caucus.

I say Hedlund.

We need a change in our Republican leadership.  Our Republican leadership has been concentrated among a few liberal North Shore Republicans.  Meanwhile, most Republicans exists in central Mass, the South Shore and Cape Code.  This is true for both our elected officials and the rank and file.  Bruce Tarr and Brad Jones even have overlapping districts.  This does not represent the party in either geography nor ideology.  I have included a map demonstrating this below the fold.

Richard Tisei was an ineffective and left wing leader and Bruce Tarr has given us no indication that he will be any different.  Fundraising for our Senate PAC is virtually non-existent and our candidates get virtually no help.  We had 3 Senate candidates finish with 48% of the vote in the 2010 elections and lost a seat.  On the House side, we more than doubled our numbers.  When donors and activists look for someone to follow, they will prefer Bob Hedlund.  Change is needed and Bob Hedlund is the man who can bring that change.

Liberal policies are seldom fought and often embraced both on the Senate floor and in the media.  Bob Hedlund is a proven fighter that will represent us well.  When the media goes to to the Republican leader to make the Republican case for and against legislation, I want Bob Hedlund to be the man making that case.


Tarr Versus Hedlund

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