Smart Diplomacy: “G20 finds common ground opposing U.S.”

I seem to remember a fellow named Barack Obama that was bashing George Bush for his “cowboy” go it alone attitude.

Now Reuters reports that every other industrialized nation is angry at the United States and the Federal Reserve for printing money like there’s no tomorrow:…

The Group of 20 is beginning to look more like the G19 plus 1 as emerging and rich countries alike accuse the United States of breaking a vow of unity.

Officials from Germany, Brazil, China and South Africa were among those expressing concern that the Fed’s money printing could weaken the dollar, drive up commodity prices and send uncontrollable waves of investor cash into emerging markets.

South African Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan said the Fed’s move “undermines the spirit of multilateral cooperation that G20 leaders have fought so hard to maintain during the current crisis.”

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble was less diplomatic. He called U.S. policy “clueless.”

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