Sheriff Races

I’m curious about something. My daily commute takes me through several legislative districts and counties. Among all the various candidate signs that I see, both large and small, it seems as though the biggest and most numerous are for sheriff races.

It is my opinion that the sheriff position is either a retirement plan or a stepping stone to something bigger for the candidate. This position has little or no effect on the voters except that I’m sure it costs us a boatload of cash to fund them. What does the typical politician know about running a jail anyway?

My question is this: why is so much money being spent campaigning for a position that is largely a figurehead and waste of taxpayer dollars and not on real legislative races? With so many folks out there willing to put their necks out to run for state rep or senate who struggle to fund their campaigns, it seems to be a travesty to waste campaign resources on sheriff races.

Does anyone else have thoughts on this?

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