Shauna Still Needs One More Observer in Taunton!

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Ok, all you active Republicans who have yapped about how the R’s don’t have a ground game in the past couple days!  Shauna still needs one more volunteer down in Taunton tomorrow in the afternoon. You should arrive by 12:15pm.  If you’re interested call Chris at 508-981-6511.

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  • The State Committee must bring out its lawyers to keep this process objective.  Election Law lawyers are very good at what they do.  Unfortunately, the Democrats have a pretty good lock on this specialized practice. The best election law lawyer is of course Bill Galvin. He’s not coming!!  Bill Campbell our State Secretary candidate would be VERY helpful at this re-count.  

  • Or Guy Carbone?

  • I just recently arrived back home after spending lunch time at the recount for Shaunna O’Connor /Rep. Fagan.

    A couple of us donated lunch for the 30 plus volunteers who were there to help, watch or assist Shaunna in some way.

    For those who are not in the area and were wondering who was volunteering from the Republican community?  With out saying actually names (cause I’m sure I will forget a few) I will say that I saw many members of leadership of the various local city/town Committees, a few attorneys, local political people, sitting State Representatives along with at least one of the newer elected State Reps. I talked to a State Committee member, and a couple of people who were approched by the MASS GOP to lend a hand.  There were activist working along side other vounteers who just wanted to help. Quite a few from the RED MASS family were seen! Some like myself didn’t stay for very long, although others donated many hours.

    Shaunna was in good spirits and looked great.  She welcomed many of the volunteers and thanked them for helping.  She seems to be holding up well.

    The whole process is amazing and I hope Shaunna at some point in the future shares all the behind the scenes stories she has learned.