Roderick Ireland chosen as new Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court

Roderick Ireland, a former Juvenile Court Judge, former Appeals Court Judge, and senior Associate Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court, as well as first African-American Supreme Judicial Court Justice has been nominated by newly-re-elected Governor Deval Patrick to be the Chief Justice who will succeed Chief Justice Margaret Marshall.

The Boston Herald, Boston Globe are covering this story.

For more background, here is a brief bibliography:

1.  Justice Ireland’s official, online, authorized biography – of note he was former Chief Legal Counsel to the Executive Office of Administration and Finance.

2.  Judgepedia

3.Justice Ireland in action on Adoption of Lillian in an archived webcast of oral argument

Justice Ireland has experience in both criminal and civil law.  He is well-versed in the issues facing foster children and the juvenile justice system, as well as the constitutional issues arising in criminal prosecution AND criminal defense.  His experience as a jurist is the broadest of those now on the SJC bench.  Further, due to his experience in Administration and Finance, he may well be uniquely well-suited to dealing with the heinous underfunding of the Judicial Branch.

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  • nomad943

    I am certain that we can expect him to build upon the MSJCs long history of absurd interpetations.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    being celebrated because they are the first ‘African-American’ such and such.  Look at what the first African-American Governor and first African-American President have given us?  Can’t we stop focusing on people’s skin color and start focusing on what he/she knows about the job at hand?  I don’t give a rat’s ass whether he is black, green red or yellow – just nominate someone qualified.

  • See Amber republicans aren’t so bad:)