Rep. Petrolati falling on the sword?

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) is reporting that Rep. Petrolati is stepping down from his position in House Leadership. It doesn’t mention whether he is resigning from the Legislature altogether. There is also no mention as to whether the now-disgraced Representative will continue to lead the redistricting effort in the House.

“After considerable thought and discussion with Representative Petrolati, we have mutually agreed it would be in the best interests of the House of Representatives that he not seek re-appointment to the post of Speaker Pro Tempore when the House reconvenes in January,” DeLeo said in the statement.

It’s apparent that Speaker DeLeo realized how bad the Ware report is making the Legislature look. This is just the first superficial step towards pretending they are serious about getting rid of waste and patronage on Beacon Hill. Petrolati appears to be willing (or he had no choice) to be the scapegoat here. Even though many members of the House and Senate were implicated, look for this attempt to pretend it was just one rogue member to continue.

I believe Petrolati will eventually step down. Having “served” since 1987, he is fully vested in the pension system. If he leaves leadership for good, he will see a significant reduction to his pension.

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  • I want to see him removed as head of Redistricting as well as Sec. Pro Tem.

  • Just wondering why DeLeo isn’t being canned. The taint from the probation story makes all House members look like crap and DeLeo certainly played the game.  

  • All you people who are scrambling around to find someone in Linsky’s district, now you better start looking in Ludlow also.  I think this district may be as favorable or moreso than Linsky’s. If Petrolati doesn’t quit early, he should be toast in the next election.

    Maybe the SC needs a special election task force or something.

  • unlikely anybody will be going to court before 2013 on this one. I wonder why these things take so long? (not)

  • if a rep. district has part of springfied in the district then the district would be difficult for a republican to win.isn’t springfield a toilet stop for the new york city crowd on the way to vermont?