Postmortem: New Playbook Needed

I don’t typically contribute to RMG although I do follow it closely. But today I reach out…

To my fellow GOPers, we need a new playbook.  We are crying in our Cheerios this morning because MA voters are living examples of the Einstein quote, “The Definition of Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.”  The painful reality is this applies to us as well.

We continue to do the same things in campaigns and elections and wonder why GOP can’t win.  The Dems have an organization, a TEAM that they call upon to get things done.  GOP candidates have dedicated, hardworking and loyal volunteers that only devote their time to one or two candidates and offer nothing to anyone else and travel all across the districts with these candidates instead of focusing their efforts locally. We have feet on the ground but those feet are walking the beat for only one guy and miles of ground are being wasted.

We have candidates who keep themselves separated from other candidates and offer no teamwork to the other candidates either, claiming they have their own race to win and can’t waste time on anyone else.

We have the state committee that focused all efforts on elections that didn’t have a high likelihood of victory and criminally neglected the ONE Constitutional Office that could have and should have, not just won but destroyed!!!!  It’s no secret that I am the biggest Mary Z. supporter in Worcester County and am a little bitter about the tragedy that ensued last night, but this isn’t about of bitterness it is about results.

We have no Centralization of GOP Town and City Committees.  I can’t even get a list of Chairs and VCs to reach out to for assistance or even to let them know when candidates will be in their city or town, or to help deliver signage, literature, to get assistance with GOTV calls.

The lower ticket races aren’t sexy, they don’t get television coverage, which is why they need more feet on the ground to get them elected as well.  

In a postmortem plea, let’s regroup and start taking pages out of the other teams playbook because ours has proven for over 55 years that it doesn’t work and yet we hold onto the plays for dear life.  Centralize, organize and victory might just be possible!!!

We have local elections in 12 months which are even less sexy that the lower ticket races.  City Council, School Committee, Mayors.  Let’s rewrite our playbook and get results next year or suffer even more devastating losses in 2012. That one might also include the People’s Seat as well if we don’t work to change the way we operate LONG before then.

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