Post Election Layoffs

Remember when before the election Scott Brown told Tom and Todd that people were waiting until after the election to announce layoffs?  Well it’s started.  Genzyme last week announced over a 100 people would be losing their jobs and this week Tyco announced it would be closing it’s Lowell plant and relocating 100 jobs to New Hampshire.

Tyco Electronics is closing its Pawtucket Boulevard facility in Lowell and moving its 100 employees at the office to Newington, N.H.

The move comes just months after government contractor Harris Corp. moved 200 jobs from its Lowell facility to Chelmsford.

Tyco Electronics already has a manufacturing presence in Newington. That facility, which is home to 400 jobs, will be expanded in a project that Tyco expects to break ground in December.

“The lease is expiring on the Lowell facility, so we are using the opportunity to vacate that facility, and we plan to consolidate this manufacturing onto the Newington, New Hampshire, campus,” Tyco Electronics spokeswoman Sheri Woodruff said. “The campus approach in Newington will increase our competitiveness by reducing cost and footprint, and will help us to take advantage of synergies among these manufacturing operations.”

On the mend and on the move.  Color me suspicious.

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