Poll: Is Social Conservatism the Answer

Last Tuesday night we all experienced election results that were disappointing and unexpected.  The search for reasons and how to best prepare for 2011 and 2012 has begun as reflected in the majority of the posts on RMG during the last week.  Posts pointing out what went right, what went wrong, and outright calling for people to resign at all levels of MA GOP leadership.  This sort of introspection is good provided it yield actionable results and not denegrate into whining.

Another question has been raised in some of the comments spread throughout the posts of the last week – Does the MA GOP need to become more socially conservative to build its base and win elections?

In my opinion, this question is critical as it will drive everything from the January elections at MA GOP, to member recruitment / retention, to issue identification and prioritization.

So the question posed to RMG is does MA GOP continue to be a party focused on fiscal conservatism with an openness for those of us with more libertarian views when it comes to social issues or is it time to be less welcoming to those with differing views on social issues?

That is the question, and the answer is critical, in my opinion, to the future direction of MA GOP.

I, personally, am fiscally conservative and far more socially libertarian.  Selfishly, I would prefer to know the direction MA GOP plans on taking as we prepare for 2011 as it will impact all aspects of candidate recruitment, voter identification and, frankly, potentially my own party affiliation.  

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