Pol calls for ouster of state’s GOP leader Jennifer Nassour

(This is silly.  There’s a new election in January.  If you have someone better, run that person during the election. – promoted by Mike “DD4RP” Rossettie)


An irate Republican committeeman – incensed by the state GOP wipeout in Tuesday’s election – is pushing to dump party chairwoman Jennifer Nassour, saying she didn’t do enough to boost local candidates to victory.

“We lost all of the constitutional office seats and congressional seats. The model she’s using (to get candidates elected) didn’t work. We don’t want to lose (U.S. Sen. Scott) Brown’s seat,” said Worcester Republican committeeman Bill McCarthy, who sent Nassour a letter yesterday giving her notice that he will push a vote to oust her at the Nov. 17 meeting.

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  • some one remind this idiot that the ticket was full of people running for office as republicans.jennifer nassour is a good recruiter.she may be a little too liberal for me ,but she is a heck of a recruiter for the republican party.

  • Good for you Bill, force the vote.

    I don’t agree with you that Jenn should go.  She did a good job getting candidates to run for seats.  Yes, the results were not what were hoped, but will we learn from those results and adjust our strategy or try and have a feel good moment by throwing Jenn out?

    Contrast this to what the Dems did after the loss of the speecial election last January.  They reviewed their approach and devised a game plan to win in November. http://www.sechrestcpa.com/Dat… Will we learn from this and move forward with preparations for 2011 and 2012 or start a search for a new Chair?

    I say have the vote with the focus on whether you think Jenn can lead the State Party through the changes that need to happen or not.  I thikn she can.  But let’s get this over with.  There’s lots of work to do.

  • …and I mean that sincerely, I consider Bill McCarthy to indeed be a friend upon the State Committee and we undoubtedly agree on issues & ideological principles far more than any disagreement.  Bill is a good man and on some level, I may even sympathize with his frustrations.  That said, I disagree with this attempt and believe that this really does an unintended disservice to the MassGOP.

    I received Bill’s email late last night & I wasn’t going to comment upon it but since it’s come up in the Boston Herald & again on RMG, here’s this State Committeeman’s 2 cents.

    First off, Jenn Nassour is also a friend of mine.  I put her name into nomination nearly 2 years ago.  I got to know her after Peter Torkildsen announced that he wouldn’t run for re-election 2 years ago and on Christmas Eve 2009 I guess is was I gave Jenn my personal support.

    However, let me try to not let my friendship cloud my judgment.  As my previous topic post yesterday notes, I think that from the Scott Brown special election on down to this past Tuesday, the MassGOP has a measurable record of success.  Was it everything I hoped, dreamed, and worked for?  No, admittedly not.  Has it been a whole hell of a lot better than anything in my personal experience & in state history since 1990?  U betcha!

    All this being said, my understanding is that Jenn Nassour’s tenure as chairman of the MassGOP ends at the State Committee meeting scheduled for January 2011.  Our next meeting is Wednesday, November 17.  Therefore, all this Sturm und Drang is really just for show.  Jenn Nassour may or may not seek reelection in January but to pull a public media stunt just after the election & just before the last SC meeting of Jenn’s term is really just so much rabble rousing for show.

    I have no idea if Jennifer Nassour will seek reelection.  I also have no real idea who may run against her or for the open seat.  I’ve heard rumors of Earl Sholley, however.

    That being said, this is just the same ol’ show that I’ve seen before.  Several months back the same ol’ small group tried to publicly attack & oust Jenn at a State Committee meeting calling for a censure vote over a fundraising letter.  That attack failed miserably.  The same group originally opposed Jennifer Nassour’s candidacy & I personally overheard them – and it wasn’t hard since they were screaming out – “Shut it down!”  “Shut it down!!” – in regards to the State Committee when Jenn first got elected.  Indeed, this same group tried, and failed, to recruit a candidate against National Committeeman Ron Kaufman.

    Again, I may entirely agree with their issues & principles but I whole heartedly reject their style & public actions.  Why?  Simple!  When you attack the MassGOP Chairman then you attack the MassGOP.  We have enough with our opponents on the other side of the registration & ideological divide, we don’t need to bicker & rage amongst ourselves for that simply leaves our house divided and ready for conqueor.

    What we need, and what we’ve lacked for several years, fraternity & strength in unity!

    I’ve been accused of being an apologist for Jenn Nassour, and I can see why some might level that charge.  Also, I’ve been called “a party man” as that was supposed to be some insult.  To that second accusation, I’m as guilty as charged!  I’m proud to be a Massachusetts Republican and I will work my hardest with whoever is MassGOP Chairman: Torkildsen, Nassour, Sholley?, John Doe?!

    To wrap up quickly, the letter sent to every State Committee member (and I do appreciate the head’s up, I prefer it to the drama of a evening surprise) and today’s reporting in the Boston Herald simply beat up on Jenn which only serves to have the unintended consequences to give the MassGOP a bloodied and black eye.  

    As I often maintain in my defenses, no good was done by airing dirty laundry, be it in print or here online.

    Let us see what transpires in January 2011 but until then & more importantly – after then – let’s work together as friends & colleagues all seeking the same goal: a stronger, bigger, better, and more successful conservative Massachusetts Republican Party!

  • Whether or not Jenn is party chair in 2011 is irrevelant to this discussion. This effort is stupid because:

    -You need a 2/3rds vote

    She’s up for reelection in 6 weeks.

    Literally, this is as dumb as trying to impeach a president in mid-September of an election season. I get the point that people are pissed, but that doesn’t matter. It won’t pass by a landslide, and if the goal is to get her out (I’m not saying it should be…) than a 10-70 vote keeping her in certainly isn’t the way to go.

    Oh, and people thinking the MassGOP helped Scott Brown out is hysterical. Jenn probably met Scott on the stage during his victory speech.

    Actually, I take that back. I think Scott got the party’s support sometime around January….15th?

  • The real question in my mind is whether the party should go for:

    (i) a chair that is a figurehead with a strong executive director or

    (ii) the chair as executive director model.

    As far as I can tell, Nassour functioned as the de facto executive director of the Mass GOP.  She was in every day, making decisions, etc.  That’s a very different model from for instance the New Hampshire GOP where Sununu is a glad handler/fundraiser and they have staff that do the dirty work.

    My hope is that one of the candidates that gained a lot of visibility in this cycle will step up.  Someone like Marty lamb, Richard Tisei, Mary Connaughton or Karyn Polito.  That person can talk policy and carry on the debate on behalf of the Mass GOP.  I thought that Nassour was an OK debater/spokesman but simply didn’t have the stature of someone who has run for or served in high office.  

    BTW: I’m OK if she wants to run again.  She may be the only person who wants the job.  On the other hand, she may not want to run for reelection.  2 years without a paycheck is a long time.  4 years is a really long time.          

  • I was a town committeeman for fifteen years, am I a “pol” too. Since when are committee members “pols”? If write a letter calling for someone’s ouster will it make the Herald? I’m a “pol”. Seriously, is this news? I’m confused here. Doesnt stuff like this happen in every single committee meeting at every single level all the time?

  • I know this guy is a state committeman, but still aren’t there over 50 of them. I’ve never state committee people pols and I know for a fact that one person on the state committee opposing the chair is not news.

    I think Hillary Chabot is having a slow news day.

  • thinks he can do a better job and will be running himself.

    Probably not.

    I don’t know this man, but I’d like to know the extent of his own wealth of experience in the trenches.

    The more things change, the more they stay the same. Another crew hollering “off with their heads.”

    Doubling the House caucus? Means nothing. Adding to the Senate? Not worth a thing. FIVE competitive COngressional races for the first time in decades? Worthless. EVERY CONSTITUTIONAL OFFICE challenged competitively? Meaningless.

    Bill McCarthy – what’s your plan? How do you propose the party improve on this record? And where, specifically, do you claim Nassour failed?

    Is this pass-fail?

    Brock’s too gracious.

  • From what I have read about Deval’s reelection tactics, the unions voted for him because Baker said he’d knock off 5,000 state employees. Baker made mistakes, I thought he lacked fire in his campaign.

    I voted for him but did nothing I did for Scott Brown.  That is the candidate’s fault not Jenn’s.

    I would not take a job w/o pay for two years.  That man should have kept his mouth shut.

    The Tea Party, Conservatives and dems are all looking at Brown’s  seat and targeting it.

    We need to keep that in mind and let any internal MA GOP problems stay out of papers.

  • I really don’t see why everyone is getting to bent out of shape, and where such misguided loyalty comes from.

    If I’m a candidate and working on a campaign, and find that a campaign manager is both a) not working in the same direction as I am and b)is generally ineffective, why NOT change them?

    Bottom line is that the rest of the country saw gigantic strides in a shift to the right, and Massachusetts did not. If there was one state in the country that had the momentum, it was Mass, in light of Brown’s victory.

    It seems like a very simple business decision. The rest of the market was trending our way, and the manager failed to capitalize. Honeymoon is over, ladies and gentlemen.

    McCarthy may not be the right leader, but Nassour certainly is the wrong one.

  •  I was very fortunate to  have heard John Sunnunu on the radio yesterday afternoon with Avi Nelson discussing the failure of this States inability to  gain some major ground in this past election.

    Wish we had a republican party head like they have in New Hampshire.That State turned itself around and we couldn’t get it done.

  • Sure, the Republican Party in Massachusetts didn’t do everything right. Most importantly, we got steamrolled by the Democrat GOTV machine, and didn’t really even mount an effort of our own. The other issues with the current Party have been detailed in other posts so there’s no need to rehash them here.

    However, part of our problem is that no Chairman has been able to lead a sustained effort. Most of our party Chairs have been given 2 or 4 years. If we don’t take the majority by then, they are declared failures and run out of town. More importantly, most of our executive directors have lasted even less. This past cycle alone we had 3 directors (Willington, Connors and Little).

    I see no reason to just kick Nassour out. If someone is actually putting their name forward to run against her, then maybe this discussion becomes more relevant. For now, it’s just misdirected blame.  

  • As an activist, deeply involved in the management of a Congressional campaign, I witnessed zero assistance from the Mass GOP after several requests. No money, no contacts, no nothin’. Ms. Nassour and her minions were less than helpful, but with my long assocuation with the Mass GOP I should known better than to ask.

    Look to New Hampshire for the model GOP organization. John Sununu is an experienced leader. We need someone like Gov. Sununu to get this party on track. Suggestions?

  • politicalmadman

    Fisrt, Nassour WAS SUPPOSED TO BE DIFFERENT. She promised new leadership with a different direction and course to success.  This is also applicable to the State Committee people in your district.  

    Some questions to need be answered :

    Has the MassGOP changed at all for the better over the last two years  ?

    Have they become more responsive to your needs ?

    Have they actively been helping candidates at the local level ?

    Did they raise and give money to any of the local candidates ?

    Did they provide you the resources needed to mount a serious campaign ?

    Have they been active in your local committee ?

    Have they provided anything to you in the way of help or support in recruiting members or candidates ?

    Did you get any of the data or information you requetsed from them ?

    These are questions based on feedback I have gotten in numerous phone calls to activists and committee chairs. The fish rots from the head as we all know. Right about now the body of that fish is pretty rotten too. Not all of it, but a LOT of it. Nassour should have taken that task on first but she didn’t. She allowed the body to continue rot and stood by while many state committee people remained lethargic and at times non-existent.

    Bylaws should have been put in place to combat this behavior. She new that this was the case when she accepted the nomination and failed to act. BUT, she is not entirely to blame. The body is to blame for allowing it’s own membership to fail itself. Not to call for people’s resignation who are non-existent is beyond me. Not doing so means you accept that type of behavior. There’s a quote about this somewhere I think…..  

    Stop blaming others and look in the mirror. The rot is from within. After all, you are the power that controls what happens within the MassGOP, not the chair, in case you ahve forgotten.  

  • cfblake2

    The entire country went republican except for our Bay State. Jen N should go by the words of Harry S Trumen “The Buck Stops Here” . and it did she only spent GOP funds on a few canidates. Its time for her and all the heads of the GOP to go but we are in a situation that the Chairs are as RINO as she is. Well Folks who are true Conservitives Here is the question- What are we going to do about this????????

  • cfblake2
  • Mr. Senator – you have nothing to gain by being drawn onto this.  You have no vote.  Stay far, far away.

  • If in the last 10 months you did not donate at least $100 to a local candidate OR spend 20 hours making phone calls on behalf of one OR 50 hours going door-to-door in support of a local candidate, you should shut the F$@K Up and not spout off about what is wrong with Jennifer Nassour, the Mass GOP etc. and who should be it’s Leader.

    If you can’t lead, follow. If you can’t follow, shut up and get the hell out of the way.

  • First of all, I think it is terribly irresponsible to air the Party’s dirty laundry in public for the other side to read.  

    Secondly, if January 2011 is time for re-election, then calling for Jen’s resignation is just grandstanding.

    Thirdly, Jen stepped in and took a job without pay to run a Party that had fallen apart. Two years ago, other than Beatty and McCain, I had not a single Republican on my ballot.  I was angry at lack of choice. Many RTCs were inactive or non-existent.  So few Republicans were running for anything that people didn’t really know how to run campaigns.  Once Jen took over, she set up candidate trainings and GOP RTC bootcamps to help build up the RTCs.  Now, we had Republicans running for almost every possible position.

    There are way too many complaints about all candidates not getting lots of MassGOP money. How much money do they think the Mass GOP had?  I am sure it was not nearly enough to go around.

    Positive results did occur.  Many RTCs have been revitalized.  We doubled the amount of state reps.  My own district was held by Flynn, the “dean of the house” and now I will finally have a Republican State Rep. YAY

    We have come a long way.  We need to examine what we can do better in the future and do it. Most of our candidates were first time candidates and next time they run, they will be better able to put on a good campaign.

    Lastly, we MUST stop trying to narrow the Republican umbrella.  We are a conservative party- yes.  But there is a range of conservatism.  I, personally, am very conservative, but am willing to be open to moderately conservative people as well. The more we try to narrow the party down, the less power we can have.  A person will never find people that will agree with him/her 100% of the time on every issue.  We must look at the big picture.

    So, how about, let’s get energized and be positive and start planning now to win the next elections. That’s what I am doing. Who’s on board?

  • Engaging in the post-election 20/20 hindsight is pointless.

    Legislators (Frank, Tsongas, McGovern, Tierney etc…) will be coming for re-election in 2012.

    The same ones who just won.

    How can they be made to defend their choices between this week and the next election?

    That is the choice.

    They need to be made to run on their records.

    They seemed to have evaded having to explain themselves and were permitted to on the attack.

    In listening the Republican candidates in the election, they were thoughtful and had a grasp of the problems facing us.

    They understood the incumbents had a hand in this mess.

    So why didn’t voters get this?

    People need to answer why they voted for the party which caused the problems.

    The answers to that question are part of the strategy to winning.

    The race starts now.

  • Much of the judgement for success rides on winning the governor’s race.  Its like a college football program renewing their coach’s contract after going 3-12 and losing to their rival.

    She had two years to paint the party in a new light, that message was not either communicated well or was the wrong message.  Either way the Republican party is not materialistically better for the past two years.  

    Finally, lets be realistic.  It would have been hard to lose anymore seats on Beacon Hill.  

  • BrocktonDave

    …when people who have no viable alternative plan like to spout out demands of removal.

    Unless you have a better idea…