Obama Calls for Freeze on All Civilian Federal Pay

Just saw a press conference, and Pres. Obama is freeezing all COLA’s and salaries for civilian Federal workers.  He stressed that this did NOT apply to military forces.

He stated that he had already frozen pay and eliminated bonus money for all political appointees and senior officials, but he was now extending it to all other Federal workers as well.

I hope the new Republican majority gives him credit for this – union workers will be furious, and this is a large part of his base (read elsewhere here about how unions are already angry about having to pay the increased health premiums for twenty-somethings under the health care bill).

He also spoke about START, Bush tax cut extension, and beginning a new relationship with the GOP – which will not please any of his ideological supporters.  I hope the GOP responds to this outreach in an adult manner.

Me – I’d give him a unanimous START ratification for a THREE year extension of the Bush cuts for over $250,000 along with permanent cuts for the others, to avoid election year rhetoric in 2012 –  but that’s just me.

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