NH wishes it could Vote No on 1: Scared of lost revenue from MA customers

With Massachusetts consumers fleeing to New Hampshire to escape the double tax on alcohol, New Hampshire saw record profits last year from alcohol sales — even proudly stating that 25% of their sales are to Massachusetts customers!

Now, they’re worried that Massachusetts voters will vote YES on Question 1 and end the double tax on alcohol.  If Question 1 passes, it will keep Massachusetts customers here buying alcohol from their local, small business instead of from the state run NH liquor stores. Even economists in New Hampshire are worried about the negative economic effects to New Hampshire if Question 1 passes:  “I believe there would be an effect on revenues here and that we could see them trend down a bit if the questions were to pass,” said Dennis Delay, an economist with the NH Center for Public Policy Studies. (check out the full story from the Union Leader)

As if you needed another reason to Vote Yes on Question 1 and repeal the new sales tax on alcohol.

Tomorrow, Vote Yes on 1 to show the Legislature we care more about the economic well being of our small businesses than NH’s state run liquor stores.

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