Newly Elected Republican State Reps.

Assuming all recounts go our way, below is the list of new leadership. (NOT POSTED AFTER A BREAK ON PURPOSE)

They won because they ran before, or were active for years, AND WORKED HARD. They are great people, and are the reason why, while everyone is ready to hang people or looking for a plan…

These people used the plan. They know it. And many of them won without help from any Party structure.

That is not an indictment of the party, but a testament to their tenacity and vigor.

R Jim Lyons of Andover

R George Ross of Attleborough

R Paul Adams of Andover

R Sheila Harrington of Pepperell

R Shaunna O’Connel of Taunton

R Steven Levy of Marlborough

R Geoff Diehl of Whitman

R Marc Lombardo of Billerica

R Dan Winslow of Wrentham

R David Vieira of Teaticket

R Randy Hunt of Sandwich

R Steven Howitt of Seekonk

R Angelo D’Emilia of Bridgewater

R Nicholas Boldyga of Southwick

R Kimberly Ferguson of Holden

R Richard Bastien of Gardner

R Kevin Kuros of Uxbridge

R Matthew Beaton of Shrewsbury

R Ryan Fattman of Sutton

R Peter Durant of Spencer

R Donald Wong of Saugus  

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