Money advantage helped Democrats surge by ill-funded GOP

There are two ways of looking at the bombastic spending by the state Democratic committee. It worked superbly or it was a pyrrhic victory where the Democrats were forced to spend money in the Bay State as opposed to exporting resources to say New Hampshire where the GOP routed the hapless Democrats. Massachusetts is true blue so the GOP, goes this argument, forced the Dems to spend heavily in a shoe-in state.

The late money surge no doubt helped widen Democratic margins in what were expected to be close races or prevented potential Republican breakthroughs for statewide offices such as governor, treasurer, and auditor. It also helped Democrats sweep every congressional contest, including the open seat in the 10th Congressional District, which attracted heavy national money from both parties and was considered a possible GOP pickup.

The state Democratic Party report itemizes about $60,000 in last-minute printing costs, part of Democrats’ massive get-out-the-vote effort on Election Day that included hanging reminders to vote on doors in targeted areas. About $65,000 was spent on last-minute advertising, much of it targeted to niches of ethnic voters through newspapers, radio, and cable television. The party gave another $35,000 directly to the campaign committees of about two dozen Democratic candidates for the Legislature, some of whom lost.

By contrast, the state GOP in the campaign’s last two days reported giving a total of $5,500 to three legislative candidates, all of whom were defeated.

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     The republican party in Massachusetts needs a complete make over. we need to remarket our product repackaging with new values, the mass republican is more moderate, more of a libertarian, believing in smaller government and less intrusive in peoples lives. Our party leaders should contact the national party, and launch a media campaign, possibly creating movies, documentaries that are appealing to the very people that have been trained to despise the party.

    A history lesson on the founding structuring and modern beliefs, the republicans were responsible for the outrage in the north that pushed to free the slaves and had the conviction of heart and soul to fight and die for that cause.

    How is it the party thought of as the working mans party is now run by multi millionaires look at the Kennedy’s,Obama,Pelosi,Kerry and Patrick they are not blue collar people, they are elitist they use the working mans plight to benefit themselves, and the media works to their advantage.

    The Democratic party knows how to market their people they sold their agenda to the masses, and the media continues to promote it, because it sells. We are a point in time that is ripe for a new agenda for the American people with a mixing of polices and moderate ideas.Christian leaders and the political parties of Rome came together to restructure for Christianity, they took popular rituals and pagan holidays and formed a new society, our lives today are still guided by these compromises.

    The Boston Globe had a balance of power chart that showed by color who controlled the House, senate and presidents office look at the history

    Democrat Harry Truman, Demoratic controlled house & senate responsible for decison to drop the atomic bombs, how many people consider these lessons in history of the Democratic party.

    I may not be on the right track but something has to change we had so much the better candidates the only way the Republicans could loose