Money advantage helped Democrats surge by ill-funded GOP

There are two ways of looking at the bombastic spending by the state Democratic committee. It worked superbly or it was a pyrrhic victory where the Democrats were forced to spend money in the Bay State as opposed to exporting resources to say New Hampshire where the GOP routed the hapless Democrats. Massachusetts is true blue so the GOP, goes this argument, forced the Dems to spend heavily in a shoe-in state.

The late money surge no doubt helped widen Democratic margins in what were expected to be close races or prevented potential Republican breakthroughs for statewide offices such as governor, treasurer, and auditor. It also helped Democrats sweep every congressional contest, including the open seat in the 10th Congressional District, which attracted heavy national money from both parties and was considered a possible GOP pickup.

The state Democratic Party report itemizes about $60,000 in last-minute printing costs, part of Democrats’ massive get-out-the-vote effort on Election Day that included hanging reminders to vote on doors in targeted areas. About $65,000 was spent on last-minute advertising, much of it targeted to niches of ethnic voters through newspapers, radio, and cable television. The party gave another $35,000 directly to the campaign committees of about two dozen Democratic candidates for the Legislature, some of whom lost.

By contrast, the state GOP in the campaign’s last two days reported giving a total of $5,500 to three legislative candidates, all of whom were defeated.

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