McKenna : Much Left to Be Desired

By the way, too few have acknowledged this fact:

Despite the unprecedented success of the write in campaign mounted by McKenna, his campaign since then has been utterly UNDERWELMING.

His TV appearances make me feel awkward his performance has been so bad. This is a classic case of NRFPT … Not Ready For Prime Time!

Marsha cleaned his clock on “On the Record” a few weeks back and his radio appearances sound strained and canned. He’s a one trick pony who thinks “It’s not illegal to be illegal” will win him the race.

His campaign failed to capitalize on his initial momentum and the final outcome tomorrow will show this when he loses by 10 – 15%.

With that being said, I am glad Marsha Coakley is running in a contested election and that McKenna made her work for it. But beyond that I expected better considering his staff (Scott Brown people) and his successful write in campaign.  

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