Let’s GROW the Town/City GOP Committees in 2011!

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Coming Soon … Boot Camps 2011 – “GROW your Republican Town/City Committee”

Over three years ago some of the members of the Board of the Attleboro Republican City Committee had a vision of helping other City and Town Committees in Mass. No one wanted to make any money off of this idea, open up a Consulting business, or pretend to “offer” a free program but in truth wanted those attending to purchase their services.  The idea was and is still today 100% Committees helping other Committees grow with no other motive.

The Chair and Vice Chair of the Attleboro Republican City Committee, Howard Bibeault and Susan Blais, visited 15 different Committees (big and small) and tried to get an idea on what the major problems were, what issues seem to be a common thread and what the Committees were  needing.  We also looked at what was really working and all the positive things that Committees do. After six months of visiting and talking to Committees and State Committee members, Howard and Susan produced a full power point presentation, 4 boxes of props and table displays, and a manual of 36 pages with the NUTS and BOLTS of how to run your Town/City Committee.  

In 2008 – Two Boot Camps were offered by the Attleboro GOP and about 250 people attended.

In 2010 – The Mass GOP sponsored the Attleboro GOP to teach 3 Boot Camps (Worcester, Attleboro and Pittsfield) with hundreds attending the free 6 plus hour program.  We even served a continental breakfast and hot buffet lunch with all cost paid for by the Mass GOP.    

The Attleboro GOP produced actual samples and displays allowing anyone attending to learn how to grow. The program is broken down to 3 sections with the first part starting at the very basics and the last part for more advance Committees. There is even a CD with over 75 pages of ideas for newsletters, running debates, awards, by-laws, membership letters, meeting invites and press releases.

Since 2008, we have followed up with some of the Committees who have attended our program and many have had great success.  We have NEVER said we have all the answers but we try to motivate and offer other Town/City Committees postive ideas on what works in the real world.  There are many Committees out there who are VERY successful and we gladly solute you. But many other Committees just need some support, motivation and new ideas – and we felt a calling to help.  

Where people say “You need to have a fundraiser” – We actually spend 20 minutes on ideas, cost, how to sell tickets, and the do’s and don’ts on how to make money.  We use examples from our City Committee and ideas that have worked for other groups.  

Where people say “Committees need more members” –  We actually will give you 4 membership solicitation letters and 3 other ideas on how to make your Committee grow.  

Where some tell you “Go out and help Candidates” – we actually talk about how to support local Candidates on the most basic local level.

We try to help each Committee attending to set new goals.  If you have 10 members, we recommend a goal of 50% more within six months.  Never done a fundraiser? Try something small that might make $300.00.   Have a problem with Board members who are AWOL and not returning calls?  Contact your State Committee and have new elections. Already successful but want to kick it up to the next step – try some new ideas from the “advance” section of the book.

We have been in continues contact with the MASS GOP and plans are now being made for running 8-10 of these full day Boot Camps in 2011 in all the far corners of Ma.  Along with the MASS GOP, Republican elected officials in the House and Senator have also expressed an interest in sponsoring these program in 2011 with many now seeing that the grass roots is the answer to finding good Candidates and giving them support to run.

Some Committees and groups have asked us to attend a meeting or offer a program for their Committee alone.  As this is ALL volunteer on our part and we do have jobs and family commitments, we have had to turn down many of these request.  While we would love to do a 6 hour program for each separate Committee – the vast number along with the commitment to time and traveling does not allow that on a volunteer bases.  Although in 2011 with up to 10 Boot Camps we feel we will be able to offer programs that most Committees will have to drive less than 45 minutes to attend.  

We hope that those who are interested will attend a “Republican City/Town Committee Boot Camp” in 2011.  For three years now, we have tried to make a difference. As long as people sign up and attend we will continue to volunteer our time to run these programs.  New in 2011 with the MASS GOP support along with members of the House and Senate, we hope to roll out more on-going support for Committees.  

Forever GOP Cheerleaders –  

Susan Blais – Susan@AttleboroGOP.com


Howard Bibeault – Howard@AttleboroGOP.com

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