Jenn Nassour is not the Party–and she’s not to blame.

(We are all the Party.  Thank you Christy

One point of contention though the party spent at least $60,000 on mailings for legislative candidates and had two full time employees on their payroll dedicated to legislative candidates. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

 Jenn is not my friend but I respect the job she has and the effort she put forward and I say run again if you need this—-

But I have to disagree with what our Party leaders did this time.  We had a tremendous opportunity to emerge with solid candidates at the Legislature but they were not supported properly.  Our resources should have gone to re-building the party Ground UP.  We did not do it because our leaders were so struck with Deval Patrick at less than 30% approval rate in the summer of 2009 that it did to us what it did to Tim Cahill–just focus on the Corner Office and nothing else.   WRONG. Early on I had made a pledge that all funds coming into the MASSGOP had to go to the Legislative Candidates and that I would not take any of those funding sources. That’s the way to do it.  Anyone thinking of doing anything other than supporting and funding our Legislative Candidates in 2012 is not helping us moving forward.  Scott can fund his own race with national exposure.  We’ll work for you Scott but leave the funds for the legislature we need to build-upon.  

  And for this insurgent November move to oust Jenn–forget about it.  This will only be akin to the Rappaport-Healey thing in 2002 which many, many folks still can’t get over.  We have an election in January.  Go with it.  Somehow, someday, our Party will figure out we must come together and ADD to our paltry numbers and not keep killing each other off.  The consequences are just too dire if we do not.  

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