Its time for a Change at the State GOP

Listed below are all that should step down and let true Conservitives with the keys to win a race take over, Wow that would be neat winning a race for the GOP in MA. Time to clean out the stahll off all the RINO and wana bees who are holding our party back. We all know who needs to go and who needs to stay. If you were for the Romney plan of losing its time to go.

Executive Committee Members

Mass GOP Chair Jenn Nassour

Committee Title Name Email

Vice Chair Jeanne Kangas

Secretary Cynthia Stead

Treasurer Brent Andersen

Region 1 Chair Bob Magovern

Region 2 Chair Lance May

Region 4 Chair Bill McKinney

Region 5 Chair Brock Cordeiro

Region 3 Chair Stephen Zykofsky

National Committeeman Ron Kaufman

National Committeewoman Jody Dow

Budget Chair Deb Tucker

Candidates Chair David Rose

Finance Chair Paul Adams

Issues Chair Matt Kinnaman

Registration & Membership Chair Elizabeth Mahoney

By Laws Chair Ed McGrath

House Leader Brad Jones

Senate Leader Richard Tisei

Mass GOP Chair Jenn Nassour

Committee Members

District Name Email Address

Bristol & Norfolk William Adams

Second Essex & Middlesex Paul Adams

Norfolk, Bristol & Plymouth James Aldred

Second Worcester Brent Andersen

Hampshire & Franklin John Andrulis

First Essex & Middlesex Christina Bain

Suffolk & Norfolk Patricia Barrett

Cape & Islands Ricardo Barros

Second Hampden & Hampshire Richard Berrena

Second Middlesex Ann Blackham

Middlesex, Suffolk & Essex Vonnie Boyle

Second Hampden & Hampshire Jeanne Boynton

Second Middlesex Bernard Green

Middlesex & Worcester Brian Burke

Plymouth & Norfolk John Cafferty

Norfolk, Bristol & Middlesex Ted Owens

Norfolk & Plymouth Christine Cedrone

Second Bristol & Plymouth Brock Cordeiro

Hampshire & Franklin Kristina Dickinson

First Worcester Rebecca Dono Healy

First Middlesex & Norfolk Jody Dow

Third Middlesex Peter Dulchinos

First Essex Dorothy Early

Second Plymouth & Bristol Jeanie Falcone

Plymouth & Barnstable Christopher Fava

Bristol & Norfolk Danielle Fish

Worcester, Hampden, Hampshire, & Franklin Janet Garon

Worcester & Middlesex Nancy Gerlach

Second Plymouth & Bristol Richard Greeley

Hampden Katie Harrington

First Hampden & Hampshire Ronald Hastie

Fourth Middlesex Helen Hatch

Second Suffolk Stephen Jeffries

Second Middlesex & Norfolk Linda Jewell

Middlesex & Worcester Jeanne Kangas


Second Suffolk Rachel Kemp

Berkshire, Hampshire & Franklin Matthew Kinnaman

First Hampden & Hampshire Catherine Labine

Third Essex & Middlesex Joyce Lofmark

Plymouth & Norfolk Paula Logan

Second Essex Nancy Luther

Fourth Middlesex John MacMillan

First Suffolk Karen MacNutt

Hampden Robert Magovern

Second Suffolk & Middlesex Elizabeth Mahoney

Third Middlesex Sandy Martinez

Worcester & Middlesex Lance May

Second Essex John F. McCarthy, Jr.

Plymouth & Barnstable Barbara McCoy

First Middlesex & Norfolk John McDermott

Second Middlesex & Norfolk Edward McGrath

Suffolk & Norfolk William McKinney

Middlesex & Essex Monica Medeiros

CHAIRMAN Jennifer Nassour

First Plymouth & Bristol William Nickerson

First Plymouth & Bristol Kimberly Palmer

Worcester & Norfolk Mike Potaski

First Essex & Middlesex John Racho

First Bristol & Plymouth Linda Rapoza

Second Essex & Middlesex Sheila Richardson

First Suffolk & Middlesex Paul Ronukaitus

First Bristol & Plymouth David Rose

Worcester & Norfolk Kimberly Roy

First Essex William Ryan

Second Suffolk & Middlesex Robert Semonian

Norfolk & Plymouth Matthew Sisk

First Middlesex Susan Slade

Cape & Islands Cynthia Stead

Norfolk, Bristol & Plymouth Mimi Sundstrom

Norfolk, Bristol & Middlesex Debra Tucker

Middlesex & Essex Al Turco

First Suffolk Joseph Ureneck

Second Bristol & Plymouth Jill Ussach

Worcester, Hampden, Hampshire & Franklin Michael Valanzola

Berkshire, Hamden & Franklin Vacant

First Middlesex Jeffrey Wilson

Second Worcester Shari Worthington

Middlesex, Suffolk & Essex Allan Zenowitz

Third Essex & Middlesex Stephen Zykofsky  

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