Its all about GOTV and we have a long way to go

The results you saw last night, as well as the Scott Brown result you saw in January was all about GOTV (get out the vote).  This past weekend the Democratic Coordinated Campaign had thousands of people door-knocking on low propensity voters doors to get them out to the polls.  

In January 2010 we caught the Democratic machine off guard.  There was no way a two bit state senator from a small population area was going to beat the incumbent Attorney General was their thinking.  They didn’t put the resources into a ground game until it was too late.  On the other hand the enthusiasm generated by Scott Brown was able to get people from around the country, many of them YRs, who are veterans at a door to door ground game.  We had a veritable army of people going door to door helping Scott win.

Flash forward to this election cycle, we made phone calls for our state wide candidates and our policy differences and fractionation stopped us from partaking a coordinated GOTV effort.  In the future we need to learn that in the final weeks, we should as a party put our differences aside and canvas for our ticket where we can.  

If personally you just can’t support a candidate then don’t support that one, but support all of them you can when going door to door.  

In order to get in the game we as a party should be doing this with municipal candidates next year.  We need to make this a routine part of what we do.  

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