Is Hudak announcing a run in 2012?

I just got the below email from Bill Hudak. Is he announcing a 2012 run or is he just looking to retire campaign debt?


Well, it’s been a week since the 2010 election. While we lost the battle, the war of 2012 is not over.

So many people have asked – what next?

Well, I’m not one to leave a job unfinished.  And I refuse to accept that John Tierney, who stands with Nancy Pelosi more than ever and has skated by the $7 Million question with outright false advertising and mailers, is my congressman.

Like you, I continue to have no representation in Washington.  And now, at least 107,000 voters in this district know it.  And, we can take comfort that we wiped out his war chest so he will not be able to do this to us ever again.

We need to forge ahead, build upon what we’ve accomplished .   We garnered votes from 43% of the district — more than at any time this century.  And we did it all from scratch.  And despite voter fraud and political scandal.

To move forward, we need to solidify our relationships, alliances, and organization.  Our vendors, in particular, must be satisfied so that those relationships are not lost.  We need to remain Tierney’s worst nightmare.

I need your help now more than ever.  We left nothing on the table; and we need $25,000 to close our books so that we can begin anew. Can you help?  Your donation of $50, $100, $250, $500 is more critical now than ever, and we cannot wait.  Please Click on the DONATE button below.

Please donate generously, now.  We are not fledglings any longer; we are experienced campaigners, and united we must continue to stand.

Won’t you help me send a strong message to John Tierney?  That we are still here.  And in the weeks and months to come, he will get no sleep.  

Bill Hudak

Future Congressman, 6th MA District

P.S.  Stay Strong — we are starting from 43% this time, not zero.  Please Click on the DONATE button below, if you can.  No amount is too small.  Thanks, again!

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  • Guy loaned his campaign tons of money. He wants to recover as much as possible and is seeing if anyone will help.

  • Of all the congressional races across the state the best chance the GOP had was to pick up a seat this year turned out to be on the North Shore.  Baker/Tisei did pretty well throughout the region even winning some of the democratic areas like the city of Peabody.  Polito and Connoughton also won the congressional district.

    Add to that that Tierney was an incumbant with a serious ethicial scandal which should have disqualified him for office. This should have been a nail biter at the least.

    Bill worked hard but there is no way that he can ever be elected.  Too many people think he is just nuts.  That Obama sign and birther stuff will keep coming up especially since Obama will be on the ballot.

    This should be the GOP’s top target in 2012.  How about Charlie Baker, very popular on the North Shore. Coming off his Govs race would be the strongest candidate. No name recognition problem there. Maybe Frank Cousins could be persuaded to jump in. He would be a great candidate having just been re-elected as sheriff countywide.  Or Bruce Tarr who’s Senate district is a key to winning.  Or Richard Tisei who has a base in the southern part of the district and raised a ton of money in essex county.  Either Rep Brad Jones or Rep Brad Hill would also bring a lot to the table.

    We can win this one in 2012 with the right candidate