Hedlund votes with Democratic leadership least of any Senator

To add to the very interesting discussion on this blog surrounding the soon to be vacated Minority Leader position to lead the “gang of four” GOP Senators in January.

I came across this article from Bob Katzen of Beacon Hill Roll Call over the weekend.  He lists the percentage of times each senator votes with Democratic leadership.  Not surprisingly the five current GOP senators

However, the reason I am writing this is because Senator Bob Hedlund voted with Democratic leadership the least of any Senator in the Massachusetts State Senate.

This proves to me that Senator Hedlund will be the guy that stands up to leadership, not with them.  It also proves to me that even on tough votes that the other four GOP senators swallowed their pride on and voted with Democratic leadership, Senator Hedlund has the testicular fortitude to say no and probably has suffered consequences from the Senate President’s office because of it.  

Both Tarr and Hedlund are great candidates.  However, this job is not just about leading the discussion on how to vote, it’s about getting press, standing up for what is right, and never backing down to leadership even when they are threatening the worst things they possibly can (staff reductions, bad office, etc.).

Senator Hedlund has proven time and time again that he is willing and able to do that job.  Give him the title of Minority Leader and we have a statewide face of the MassGOP who is not afraid to ruffle some feathers.

Here is a link to Katzen’s article: http://www.wickedlocal.com/all…

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