Heard on 96.9 Boston Talk

It is one of those off hand comments but it does illustrate the dumbing down of America and the effects of 24/7 useless commercial media.

Bill Clinton weakened Homeland Security.

I know what the man meant but it is a fact that Homeland Security is/was a product of 911, a post Clinton event.  As commercial media chooses to ignore the now global rejection of the official 911 story in spite of national disgust at being felt up to get on an airplane.  The commercial banter is focused on giving up your rights, as it always is.

No mention of thermite or WTC seven or flights acheiving speeds well over their sea level atmospheric capabilities or the accelleration of gravity, the put options,Larry Siverstein’s asbestos abatement problems, Elvis bin Laden or a Noble Peace Prize for continuing two wars of error.

We have been through much.

An engineered financial crash, an outbreak of unicorn flu, unemployment extensions and having to give up doctor visits.  What is next.

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