Globe Fluffication

On account of a slow newsday I suppose, the Globe plants on Metro front page:  “Widely lauded, Craven wins boost in her Treasury duties”, aka “A Connected State Employee Already Pulling down a Grip of Cash gets More.”

Why on earth is this news?


Katherine Craven, claims she “has remained in government and passed up more lucrative opportunities in the private sector.”  Yeah, they all claim that.  “Gosh, I only make $159,000. I’d make much more in the private sector.”

“She’s almost unreal” said a guy who worked for her. Now there’s a source for objective analysis.

Where’s she work?  Exec Director for the Treasurer’s honey pot, the Massachusetts School Building Authority, the plum de la plum of Appointee Plum Pudding.

Here’s how that particular Authority works, first, it gets $600 million or so of dedicated sales tax money per year.  

Then, after paying some overhead, salaries, 80% of the employees and retirees health insurance and pensions, the MSBA pledges the sales tax revenue and borrows a pile of money. Next, it passes out the pile of money to towns and cities.  In short, take a point off the top, skim expenses, give rest to towns.

Who doesn’t love Santa Claus? Or, Robin Hood.

Don’t have to be a neurosurgeon to do the job, even though she’s married to one.  You just have to be connected:  Harvard grad with father who was a Judge and grandfather who was a Rep, and grandmother who was Boston Council gets State job.  

No surprises there, except that to the Boston Globe, it’s the news.

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