Future for Mass GOP still Bright

(Thank you Rep. Frost for all of your hard work.  You’re a fighter.  I know you care about our party and our candidates.  I am delighted that Massachusetts, and Worcester County in particular, will have many more good Republicans like you. – promoted by Mike “DD4RP” Rossettie)

November 4, 2010

Open Letter to Red Mass Group:

2010 was not the 1990 election year we had all hoped it would have been.  I, like you, am also very upset and disappointed Baker, Polito, Mary Z, McKenna and Campbell lost,  great candidates who all fell short.  And yes, there were chances to  gain Congressional seats as well that didn’t happen either.  But before we as a Republican Party put our heads too far down let’s take a breather first and realize strides were made and opportunity for the future is still there.

21(pending on a few recounts) new GOP State Representatives were elected on November 2. Despite the other losses in the state, the GOP in the Mass House still gained significantly.  House Republican Leader Brad Jones and his leadership team and the Mass GOP House PAC deserve a lot of credit along, of course, with the hard work of our great candidates this year.  We also had all three incumbent Republican State Representatives re-elected.  Unprecedented efforts this round lead to unprecedented results since two decades ago, despite what happened elsewhere on the ballot. There was no wave ridden this time.

Let us also not forget, though the Governor deserves credit for his re-election, he did not get over 50% of the total vote. He never received a mandate from the people for his policies, priorities and work so far. I believe he finished with 48% of the vote statewide.  In Central Mass, despite the Tim Murray factor,  Baker, Polito and Mary Z. all did well and won the region.  Rep. Lew Evangelidis became the new Sheriff of Worcester County and Jen Caissie, an Oxford Selectwoman, was elected to the Governor’s Council.  The region also saw the election of 7 new GOP State Reps (Bastien, Beaton, Durant, Fattman, Ferguson, Kuros, & Levy).  

Our future is still bright.  With a Democrat Governor in control in 2012 there will be opportunity to keep and even gain seats on a message of counter balance.  Remember, a majority of voters in 2010 did not vote to re-elect the Governor, the voters just couldn’t come together on one candidate to defeat him.  An unpopular Governor was re-elected in a three way (or four way) race.

I believe Polito and Mary Z. can both offer something for the future as successful women. Mckenna came out of nowhere to get an unprecedented amount of signatures to get on the statewide ballot and that work ethic can carry over somewhere else for the Party. I believe Baker and Tisei and our congressional candidates who fell short can also do more in the future.

We have a new crop of GOP state legislators as well and together we will make the case there is a better way as the seeds of opportunity have been planted. I know that offers little solace today, as we all want to enjoy the fruit of our labors now but that wasn’t in the cards this time. But the future and the need for Republicans in Massachusetts is bright indeed.  

Opportunity will be knocking in 2012 and 2014. We must be ready, willing and able to open that door.  Let’s capitalize on our successes this year, learn from our losses and prepare today for better days.  I say this not just for our Party but for the people in Massachusetts who do need us to keep fighting to make a difference and to offer alternatives to the tax and spend polices of the Democrats.  One party rule is not working. We had some success with that message in the House races this year and we can continue that message into 2012.

Together we can stand proudly that we are doing our civic duty as we have and will continue to offer the voters a choice and a better way.


Paul K. Frost

State Representative (R-Auburn)

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