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In Response to my postings on Ron Kaufmans Lobbing activities, An anonymous person sent this e-mail to me, wanted to share it.


You are focusing on the wrong lobbyist

Jenn Nassour hired lobbyist Matt Keswick for $3,000 a month as a “consultant” for about a year and a half. He has donated to Democrats like Senate President Therese Murray, Kelly Timilty and Dianne Wilkerson, full list of Democrats he donated to below.

Think the Party didn’t help defeat Murray for a reason? She only got reelect by 4%.

Jenn Nassour hired Jason Kauppi, got $3,000 a month as a “media consultant” for the Past 2 years. He was Jane Swift’s Press Secretary.

Why elect a chairman that needs $6,000 worth of advice a month, and who hires the worst two consultants available?

All payments from the State Party are documented at the following two links below.

STATE: www.mass.gov/ocpf  (Only 3 payments to Kauppi were listed here)

FEDERAL ACCOUNT:  http://query.nictusa.com/cgi-b…

Massachusetts Office of Campaigns and political finance has Lobbyist Matt Keswick donating to the following Democrats the following amounts below.

Recipient CPF ID Recipient Full Name Date Amount

11066 Bosley, Daniel E. 11/9/2007 $100.00  

13595 Buoniconti, Stephen J. 10/11/2007 $200.00  

14128 Canessa, Stephen R. 4/9/2007 $100.00  

14128 Canessa, Stephen R. 4/9/2008 $100.00  

15071 Ciommo, Mark 9/8/2010 $100.00  

14361 Connolly, John R. 3/27/2007 $200.00  

14361 Connolly, John R. 3/3/2008 $200.00  

14361 Connolly, John R. 1/13/2009 $200.00  

14361 Connolly, John R. 1/8/2010 $200.00  

11651 Koutoujian, Peter  J. 4/30/2007 $125.00  

11651 Koutoujian, Peter  J. 5/21/2008 $100.00  

11651 Koutoujian, Peter  J. 3/28/2009 $100.00  

12122 Mariano, Ronald 4/9/2009 $200.00  

12122 Mariano, Ronald 3/28/2007 $200.00  

10320 Morrissey, Michael W. 2/28/2007 $100.00  

10320 Morrissey, Michael W. 3/13/2008 $100.00  

10320 Morrissey, Michael W. 3/10/2009 $100.00  

12229 Murray, Therese 6/15/2008 $200.00  

13189 Murray, Timothy P. 2/14/2008 $200.00  

14208 Peake, Sarah K. 10/10/2007 $200.00  

12242 Rogers, John H. 11/8/2007 $200.00  

12733 Timilty, Kelly A. 8/23/2008 $100.00  

12237 Wilkerson, Dianne 6/12/2008 $200.00  

12237 Wilkerson, Dianne 4/24/2007 $200.00  

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  • very good information.the problem  is none of this information is illegal.did this keswick get arrested for any reason?did kauppi break any laws?keep up with the kaufman investigation,this guy is a law breaker.these other people have broken no laws.

  • Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno

    are stand up guys.  They’ve been very good at helping the party focus on legislative candidates.  Kauppi does a lot of media work for the party which allowed Tara Breed to focus her energy on legislative candidates.  

    You are barking up the wrong tree Cliff.

  • Republican Ram Rod Radio

    How come when Cliff writes stuff that upsets the folks on this board he gets emails like

    hey cliff look at this


    here is some research I’ve been doing


    here let me help you with that ….

    type emails?

    But when I talk shit I get hate emails ….. yes I said HATE emails.