Educational Hypocrisy in MA

The article is innocently titled: “Tax credit key to broader school choice” but in it, there is a whopper:…

Gov. Deval Patrick is testament to the power of choice. A scholarship transported him from the south side of Chicago to Milton Academy and put him on a path that led to Harvard and ultimately the Corner Office. President Barack Obama, Lt. Gov. Tim Murray, state Education Secretary Paul Reville and Massachusetts Teachers Association President Paul Toner also attended private or parochial schools.

When will these same education leaders, choice beneficiaries all, start advancing reforms like the one our neighbor to the south has in the RI  Corporate Scholarship Tax Credit program – so that OTHER people can enjoy the same opportunities they had?

There is no shortage of demand, as the op-ed notes:

About 25,000 students are on charter school wait lists; at the current rate, it would take more than 80 years to clear that list. The METCO program, which provides 3,000 Boston and Springfield kids with the opportunity to be educated in surrounding towns, has a five-year waiting list and five times as many applications as available seats.

Can we maybe cease the $720,000 annual “training” spree and start focusing on getting these kids into better schools through successful programs like what they have in Rhode Island?


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