If people are stupid enough to elect a corrupt slimball dirty cop they should hide their daughters.

He is either blind, deaf. An example of the thin blu line covering up a corrupt cop.

It is beyond belief that he did not  hear the screams of 16 year old girl – perhaps your daughter or your neighbor’s – who was being stripped naked by his dirty cop partner.

Jeff Perry, a public figure, is an accessory to this attempted sexual assault on a 16 year old girl.

He should be sitting in the halls of Cedar Junction not the halls of Congress.

If you have any moral fiber or any Judeo-Christian belief you cannot support Jeff Perry in good conscience.

You do not have to support Bill Keating or vote for Bill Keating to express your disgust for the actions of Dirty Cop Jeff Perry.

Blank the Ballot. Write in Mickey Mouse. Write in your own Name but send Dirty Cop Jeff Perry a message that his immoral behavior must be condemned if not by his fellow dirty cops then by the voters.

Write in Charlie Baker. He is an honorable man.  

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