Bigger Better Faster Stronger 2012

It’s a marathon not a sprint

Plymouth County 2010 accomplishments

Rep Vinny DeMacedo           Re-elected

Rep Susan Gifford            Re-elected

Rep Dan Webster              Re-elected

Geoff Diehl               Newly Elected

Angelo D’Emilia           Newly Elected

Sen. Robert Hedlund          Re-elected

Sheriff Joe McDonald         Re-elected

DA Tim Cruz                  Re-Elected

Commissioner Sandra Wright   Newly Elected

*Most all of the State candidates won in Plymouth County including all the ballot questions

*Plymouth County GOP  gave the maximum contribution allowed to each candidate.

*We raised and donated over $10,000.

*Built a strong relationship with the Plymouth County area Tea Party  

Future plans

*Develop a “State of the Art” Get out The Vote operation in Plymouth County for 2012

*We intend to build up and train each of the 27 town committees

*Recruit and train qualified candidates to run for House & Senate seats

*Work to build the farm teams in town elections

*Hold training classes for Candidates and campaign managers

*Maintain our conservative principles

Rich Flynn

Communications Director

Plymouth County GOP

About RFlynn

  • You’re right on, Rich. If there’s a place to build the framework for a winning MAGOP, it’s Plymouth County. It’s beyond important that we consolidate and expand our gains there.

    We need a base; the contenders are Plymouth and Worcester Counties. By far, Plymouth has shown itself to be beyond prepared for the challenge.

  • *Develop a “State of the Art” Get out The Vote operation in Plymouth County for 2012

    I would have done anything asked to help Charlie Baker get elected, and with him, the OUTSTANDING crop of candidates we had this year – I was really wowed by them, all superstars.

    In retrospect, standing around the polls (13 of ’em where I live) holding a sign (even if it was freezing cold all day!) was NOT the most effective way to ensure turnout – I LOVE that we’re all working starting RIGHT NOW to figure out how to increase turnout next time. We’ve got to work SMARTER.  

    I’m in. I hope these superstar candidates are up for it again – Charlie Baker and Karyn Polito especially. You were SUCH an inspiration – I’ve never done this much volunteering for any candidate, for any campaign, and it is all because of your energy, your ‘damn the torpedoes’ attitude (which in retrospect might need to be moderated next time, but it sure won me over!), the sacrifices you made to run – and if you’re willing to go for the gold again, I will be right there, only this time, like Rich says about 2012, we’ll be bigger, better, faster, stronger. And we’ll win!  

  • And long before I wrote about it. Imagine if every County, City, Town and Ward Committee had their kind of energy and effectiveness!

  • if you look at the congressional map for the commonwealth,plymouth county is carved up by three congressman.this is not by accident.the problem the democratic  machine is now going to have is worcester county is now trending republican.