Middle America Scoffs at South End Grocer

Somehow this story in the Boston Herald about a local grocer in Boston’s South End went viral.

The store specialized in extremely expensive organic foods ($8.50 for a dozen eggs, etc.) and recently was forced to close shop. The manager blamed the closing on her customers for being unloyal and uneducated. One may attribute her emotional outburst to the heartbreak of having her store closed, but this clip taken prior to the closing reveals a prototypical liberal elitist who just oozes condescension (at one point she exclaims that her customers are “not educated enough” to find her products worth the cost).

Honestly, I would have flipped through this story in the Herald, sighed, and moved on. Yet, Middle America is infatuated and horrified by her cluelessness and arrogance. What does it say about me and other Bostonians that we have become so jaded to this type of behavior?  

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