Add to the Bench Strength

Saturday morning, I sat in on a fascinating meeting with the South Shore GOP.  I’d estimate 50 people showed up to discuss the past election.  In a cold abandoned office space, I listened, over stale donuts and hot coffee, to some fascinating insights and angles.  

Whatever the conversation, it is clear Republicans of Plymouth County have organized a bottom-up grass-roots machine.  Not only did Plymouth County machine win the Brown election by a 2 to one margin, they also did it again this past election.  

This is a fantastic opportunity for the MA GOP to expand their bench strength, by poaching some of the volunteers and converting them into paid staffers for the Mass GOP Statewide Party organization.

Activists like Rich Flynn would add much needed depth to a grassroots initiative.  For 2012, a bottom-up GOTV strategy will be vital to capturing more legislative seats.  

Flynn’s has had his hand in almost every local race on the South Shore.  He’s also been instrumental in building both the Plymouth County GOP and the South Shore GOP.  We need a “tipping-point” of change in MA Republican politics.  Statewide rollouts of the aforementioned organizations will be the tipping point vital in a bottom-up strategy.  Now’s the time to act!