A Primary Challenge to Scott Brown’s Right? (Should Bill Hudak Run?)

Conservative thought leader, a top Tea Partier, and RedState.com guru Erick Erickson thinks the national Tea Party should invest in Massachusetts in 2012:

We have a significant opportunity to improve the Senate GOP through some primaries. Here is a list of potential targets for primaries […]

Scott Brown (MA)

Maybe Erickson is just trying to scare every Republican up for re-election in 2012 further to the right. But maybe not.

What do you think, RMG? Should Scott Brown get a Tea Party challenge to his right for the GOP nomination? Brown has disappointed conservatives many times, including by voting in favor of Harry Reid’s “jobs” spending bill and President Obama’s regulations bill. Scott Brown has enabled the Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda too often – should he be kicked out?

And, if the Tea Party got behind a Republican primary challenger to Scott Brown, who could it be?

First though is Bill Hudak. Hudak gained valuable experience in his Congressional run, and performed far better than expected against John Tierney. Hudak is also unquestionably to Scott Brown’s right. And, finally, Hudak would have a good reason to: Hudak could have done much better against Tierney if Scott Brown hadn’t cut Hudak’s political knees off:

The ringing endorsement that Republican candidate for Congress Bill Hudak announced he received from Sen.-elect Scott Brown fell a bit flat yesterday.

“Neither Scott Brown or anyone connected with his campaign approved that press release before its release or the quote that was attributed to Scott,” said Brown’s spokesman, Felix Browne, in a statement. […]

Asked in a follow-up e-mail whether Brown endorsed Hudak, the spokesman did not respond. The Boxford Republican, however, stood by the purported endorsement.

If Scott Brown was more concerned about helping a conservative Congressional candidate than he was about his own political posturing, Hudak could have gotten off to a much stronger start against Tierney and maybe even won.

Should Bill Hudak assume the Tea Party mantle and challenge Scott Brown in the primary?

If not, who else would/could? The conservative names that come to mind are probably too beholden to the establishment to consider it: State House GOP Leader Brad Jones, Worcester County Sheriff-elect Lew Evangelidis, Plymouth County D.A. Tim Cruz, etc. Maybe Jon Golnik or one of the other Congressional nominees (besides Hudak) would consider it?

What do you think, RMG? Hudak v. Brown? Someone else?

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