WRKO’s next great political blogger

So this post occurred the other day here on RMG.

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Who’s really got the blogging skills here?  Are you ready to get paid to blog?  You have a chance to blog and make money for Boston’s Talk Station 680 AM WRKO with ‘The Next Great Political Blogger’ contest.  Write a political blog and submit it! Check out the details here>

Notice how nobody has rated the comment?  

Let me tell you what I find out from following all their links and reviewing the rules of the ‘Next Great Political Blogger’ event:

1. When the post says “Make money for Boston’s Talk Station 680 AM WRKO” they aren’t kidding.  You make money for them but clearly not for yourself.  The winner of said event gets paid a whopping….wait for it….her it comes….$9.61 per hour less taxes.  Are you kidding me?  The Next Great Political Blogger for AM WRKO is worth less than the hourly wage for a bag boy at Market Basket?  The contest hsould have been called the ‘Next Underpaid Political Blogger’ contest.  Did I forget to mention there were no benefits to such position?

2. The station makes clear that never is the blogger allowed to work more than 2 hours in a day.  So they make up for the low wage with few hours.  Just when you thought they might throw some of Howie Carr’s filthy lucre your way the gravy trains stops dead in its tracks.

3. The job ends at the end of the year.  So don’t go making any long term financial plans with your whopping $19.22 per day less taxes.

4. Let’s put it in this perspective – The value of the food items that fall out of Howie Carr’s mouth while he talks is worth more than the daily compensation of this great political blogging job.  

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